Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homerun Baseball in Singapore!

Was randomly surfing the web on things to do in Singapore (too bored! lol) and came across this place called "Homerun Baseball" which is an indoor baseball cage which allows you to experience and try out "Batting" and "Pitching" in a indoor setting. Anyway my friend recently introduced to me this article on "50 fun and free things to do in Singapore" (LINK) Maybe you guys can check it out if you are looking for things to do in SG, some of the activities/ places mentioned are quite interesting! As part of my advanced birthday celebration this year, JingLong and Jiaqi brought me to this  鸟不生蛋 place in the west after our dinner at Dancing Crab! Homerun Baseball seem like a really good place to relieve stress! :)
 photo money-1.jpg
The place is basically divided into 2 parts/ cages - 1 of which is for "batting" and the other for "pitching" It's all automated so we have to purchase tokens to "start the ball rolling" geddit? HAHHAHA, no pun intended! For $20, you get 6 tokens, $40 you get 11 tokens and $50 you get 17 tokens. Each game cost 1 token. Average of about $3 per game.
 photo baseball.jpg
In this huge cage, you get to experience "Batting" and you can choose the different lanes depending on how fast you prefer your baseball approach you. It ranges from 80km to 110km/ hour. We chose the beginner lane where they use softball at a lower speed. Looks easy but when you are standing there waiting for the ball to be pitch towards you, the feeling is totally different. The bat is not exactly light either and you need to be really accurate in order to hit the ball.
 photo throw.jpg
The other cage is where you can practice "Pitching" which i would say is more interesting and less tiring compared to Batting. All you have to do is just grab hold of the ball that is thrown lightly towards you and throw it towards the target board in front of you. You get more points if your ball hits a blinking number! If you are a home run baseball member and you managed to hit all 9 boxes, you can redeem a free can of Redbull! LOL Then again, it's not that easy...
 photo us-1.jpg
At the end of each pitching session, they will print out your score slips. We got better and better after each sessions! Spent about an hour and it was quite a good workout after dinner. If you are looking for a place to relieve stress, i would highly recommend Homerun Baseball. Just whack the ball only! LOL

Homerun Baseball
200 Pandan Gardens
Singapore 609336