Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas x Gardens By the Bay

December has always been my favorite month. It's the season of Christmas where i get to meet up with different groups of friends to catch up for a dinner and have a simple gift exchange. For the past 2 weeks, i have been visiting town every other day to hunt for gifts (and always end up buying something for myself, it's Christmas! LOL) This year has been a pretty special one for me so far. Still a couple more of meet ups and a Christmas/ Countdown staycation to go with the *Cousins on the 31st! On the actual day, a few of us decided to meet up to "soak up" the festive season at Gardens by the bay, probably the best place in SG to view Christmas lighting. The lights were really pretty but the place was pretty crowded. It's so easy to photobomb one another photo, it's like you turn your head and you realised your face is in someone's camera screen, HAHAHA Here are some of the photos i took with my camera before my camera died on me (Ok, i admit i forgot to charge it before i brought it out...) Only 2 of the photos in this post are taken using my iPhone, they are quite easy to identify i think. Without further ado, enjoy the photos and wish you guys a Merry Christmas!
 photo 1-5.jpg
 photo 2-5.jpg
 photo 3-5.jpg
 photo 4-3.jpg

With lots of love ,