Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sudio Vasa Blå Wireless Review + Discount code!

It's amazing how earphones have “evolved” through the years. From the old school ones, to in-ear (which used to give me a bad headache every time I used it. Anyone with this problem too?) to flat cables to solve the messy wires mystery (why didn't anyone think of flat cables in the past???) and now, wireless ear piece and even just wireless earbuds alone! 

My earphones is like one of “MUST BRING” when heading out of the house. If I rushed out of the house (obviously late) and at the bus stop I realized I didn't bring my earphones out, I would honestly go back home just to take it despite being late. I have done it a few times, lol. And if I were a bit further out of my house, I would literally buy a cheapo one from outside (which I will probably only use once) so that I can listen to music or watch my show on my phone while on the way home. That's how extreme and needy a ear phone is to me. HAHAHA 
 photo File_000.jpeg
Flat cables was a savior for people like me who dump our earpiece into our bags after use and when we take it out, we have to spend a couple of minutes untangling those wires. But shortly after I joined the gym I realized another problem. When I do exercises like running on treadmill or when I'm cycling, I like to listen to my own songs via my iPhone and the most irritating thing is my earpiece often get yanked out from my ears because of the “sudden tug action” and the cable tend to be out of place, affecting the way I run and exercise. 
 photo Sudio 1.jpg
And that's when the kind people of Sudio sent me their Vasa Blå wireless piece for review! (Which I'm really thankful for!) I was so excited to receive my very own wireless earpiece and in my mind I could think of so many ways this pair of wireless earpiece would make my life easier, lol. 
 photo Sudio 2.jpg
The Sudio Vasa Blå earpiece came in a pretty gift box which kind of reminds me of Apple’s minimal packaging design and inside contains 2 other box - one contains the earpiece and the other contains a genuine leather case, accessories and owner’s manual. 
 photo Sudio 3.jpg
On top of the mentioned, the accessories also includes 4 pairs of extra sleeves, charging cable and metal clip. There are 4 colors available (Rose gold white, Blue, Pink) and I chose the Rose Gold Black. 

Then again, no matter how pretty the packaging or exterior of the ear piece is, what's really important is definitely the sound quality. Paired it with my iPhone within a few seconds (I mean how difficult can it be), played an Adele song (lol!) and I was so pleased with the sound quality! It was crisp clear with a good bass. Honestly I'm no expert when it comes to sound but it was good enough for me. In fact, comparable to my a-Jays or even better! 
 photo Sudio 4.jpg
Being a wireless ear piece which connects via Bluetooth, battery life would definitely be a concern but the Vasa Blå offers 8 hours of active use. Doesn't seem to make much difference to my iPhone’s battery as well. Quick charging only requires 10 mins and 120 mins for a full charge. 

Overall I'm really pleased with the Sudio Vasa Blå earpiece and I would recommend it to those who always wanted to jump on the wireless earpiece bandwagon. The Sudio Vasa Blå retails at $165 on their website (14 days no question asked return policy and FREE shipping worldwide!) and guess what? Enjoy a huge 35% DISCOUNT when you quote “LOVESUMMER” (15% code discount + 20% tax rebate for buying online) which means if you buy the Sudio Vasa Bla online, it will set you back at only $112.20! A pretty good deal for a quality earpiece :D A good earpiece are one of those things worth investing. Trust me.