Saturday, March 25, 2017

Where to get your Adidas NMD in Singapore?

Ever since the very first launch of Adidas NMD during end 2015, there has been this craze. Until today you hear people queuing overnight just for a pair of these exclusive sneakers (i was one of them, *roll eyes* i will share on it later...) or people re-selling them at exorbitant prices on carousell and you can't help but wonder what is so special about these shoes. Basically some background is that the NMD (no idea if NMD is an abbreviation or what it means anyway) is a new design by Adidas that borrow some minor influence from past models and complete with "Boost cushioning". 

The NMD is so popular that it literally sold out within minutes on their website and until today, people still queue overnight whenever there is a new launch. Probably the reason why it's so popular is because of the hype it created (just like Yeezy) and it's impossible to walk in to any physical Adidas store and buy it off the shelf so either you queue like everyone else in SG or buy it from someone else at a higher price. The reselling price is at least 1.5x the retail price...
Sometime last year, i decided to queue up overnight like everyone else so that i could own one of these NMDs. Made the decision to go down to SEEK (one of the retailer that brought in stock for the launch) the night before at around 10pm. The launch starts at 10am the next day by the way, that's a 12 hours wait. Zzz. Joined the unofficial queue, got chased out of the mall by the security a couple of times throughout the night and when the launch was just about to start, the crowd went berserk and knocked down all the barricade and rushed towards the store. 

OH MY TIANS. I can still remember the scene until today, lol. 

The store crew had to calm everyone's tits down, forced the crowd to cooperate to form a single queue line and because of the commotion, i was separated from my friend and pushed to no. 66 (from like the first few) *roll eyes all the way to the back* We were all given queue numbers and a form to indicate our choice of colour and sizing. By the time it was my turn, the black colour that i wanted was OOS and i had to settle for the charcoal grey one. Luckily there was still my size left. Phew. Anyway after that experience, i told myself i will never put myself through all the misery again and would rather pay more and get it somewhere else if i really want another pair.

Fast forward a year later, i now own 3 pairs of these NMDs :|

Nope. I did not queue again even though nowadays i still try my luck at the Adidas website minutes before the launch. With so many AAA grades out there nowadays, it's also quite scary to get it from reseller already... and now the moment you have been waiting for (unless you scrolled down without reading -.-) How to get it if you are in SG?

You ship it from the UK!

Apparently the thing about this whole Adidas NMD hype is only happening in Asia and the shoes are readily available in europe, UK to be exact. If you or your friends are there, they can just walk into local stores like Footlocker, JD Sports and get the shoes off the shelf. If not, then ship it over just like me!
A lot of the designs and sizing are still available. Even the recently launched Triple White!

The one question in your head right now is probably how much it would cost to ship these shoes over to Singapore and so here's the answer:

Just in case you are still wondering how much it would cost in total, here's an example if you get a pair at 100 pounds + £14.99 shipping. It would be £114.99 in total and with simple google conversion...
Hurray to British pound going down, LOL #brexit

Wait. Isn't the retail price of a typical pair of NMD shoes $199 in Singapore? With the current conversion rate, you are paying only 1 dollar more without queuing.  You just have to wait for your shoes to arrive within 10 days upon ordering. 

What sorcery is this??? LOL

Well, i have tried it and i own 3 pairs of NMDs now. No more queuing or whatsoever. Just note that there is a difference in UK timing and SG timing so you have to wait awhile (probably the next day) before JD Sports launches the new release. Don't worry about the authenticity of the NMDs as well as JD is a reputable shoe store in the UK :)

This is not a sponsored post or whatsoever. Just sharing something great even though i secretly hope that not a lot of people will find out about JD Sports, LOL. If you like this post and would like to share it on your Facebook, do share it by clicking this button: 

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