Saturday, October 14, 2017

Canon G7x Mark II

For someone like me who blogs and loves to travel, the one thing that is really essential to me would be a camera. I have to admit that nowadays majority of the photos you see on this blog and on my instagram are all taken by my iPhone 7+ and edited using VSCO app (This is like the most efficient combi ever, LOL) But hey, if i didn't tell you guys, would you have realise it or notice the difference in photo quality? Probably not. The iPhone camera quality is so good nowadays that most of us would just chuck our expensive camera at home and rely on our iPhone. Don't get me started on the portrait mode. It's insane. 

But still. 

I still feel that when traveling, i still would want good quality photos, additional toggle functions etc. That perfect camera was the Canon G7x. Compact, amazing quality, flip screen, WIFI transfer. When i first heard the news of this camera, i knew i had to get it. (In fact, i called in to those sim lim square shop to ask when will their first shipment arrive, haha) It's like the ultimate dream camera any blogger can think of. 

Used it for about 2 years before it started becoming cranky. Touchscreen not working, on/off button not functioning etc. Brought it to the Canon hospital for servicing for about 3 times. First time was under warranty, 2nd time no warranty so i paid about $100+ because i felt it was worth saving and the third time was the last straw. Motherboard spoil, need to pay like $400 to replace it. FREAKIN' 400 BUCKS. I was like no.

It's time to get a new one. 

I thought maybe i should consider upgrading to a semi-pro/ mirrorless camera to get better quality photos so i did my research and narrowed down to a few choices - Sony A6000, Lumix GF9 and Canon EOS M10/3. Then i realised i would also want to get the “pancake” lens to do those chio bokeh portrait shots. Calculated the total price and it was like erm, close to $1000? 

Part of me want to upgrade, but the other part think the camera is so gonna be under utilised and i probably would be too lazy to bring it out. (Read iPhone + VSCO) In the end, i went for the G7x Mark II at $655 after the “privilege program”, basically a nicer way to say trade in. 

So here’s my new camera. Upgraded version of my previous G7x.

Did i regret getting this instead of the mirrorless camera? The answer is no.

Ready for Japan,