Sunday, January 21, 2018

1 week left - Minions Cafe in Singapore!

You probably hear about the Minion Cafe at Orchard Central a couple of months back and i heard the hype during the first few weeks when it opened in November was quite scary! Queues would last for an hour or so and my colleague who went with her kids gave up queueing because it was too long. Apparently after a month, things got better, the hype was pretty much over and when i went a couple of days back, my friends and i walked in and practically could sit at any table we wanted. The minion cafe would be at Orchard Central, Level 3 till 31st December 2018 so you got slightly more than a week left before it disappears!
Being a Minion themed cafe, you can expect these little yellow creatures everywhere, hanging from lights, decals on walls, posters on every wall and on top of the dinning area, there is this corner where you can get Minions and Despicable Me merchandises, of which some items are exclusive to the cafe! But before we digress any further, let's take a look at the highlight of the cafe, which are the food items - 4 mains and 4 desserts.
4 different mains and 4 desserts to choose from. (I honestly feel that it's quite pricey)
I had the Pizza Box ($13.90) The most ordinary (in terms of design and taste) and cheapest meal out of the 4 mains. What you get is a small Hawaiian pizza in a minion decorated box with a side of fries and corn. Taste wise, what can go wrong with pizza and after tasting all 4 different mains, i would say the pizza box is the most edible and tasted the most normal. Forget about the cup of cold corn... *Cue drama music* LOL 
The other 3 was slightly more expensive. I guess it's because the design is more elaborated and  nowadays people usually go for the nicest looking and most instagrammable dish. The dishes are Minion’s Great Escape Cream Stew ($20.90), Minions Vacation Plate ($23.90) and Minion Riceball Party ($21.90) The Vacation plate came with this bowl of cold stale green soup which tasted quite bad that we had to call the staff and ask what is it supposed to be. APPARENTLY, it's supposed to mimic the soup that the girls made for Gru in the movie - green pea soup with gummy bears and the staff told us that the soup is not supposed to taste nice. HAHAHHAHAHAH On a side note, upon inspection, there are really gummy bear in the soup. LOL
Rescue Mel Affogato ($13.20) Pretty decent tasting dessert but overpriced.
Minion Pudding ($24.90) The top is mango pudding and the bottom is a mix of corn flakes and vanilla ice cream. I would say the desserts are all tasted decent compared to the mains. Although the Minion Pudding cost $24.90, it comes with free character cup which is not too bad if you intend to bring home a souvenir. 
After the meal, we went to the merchandise area and couldn't resist getting some souvenirs to bring home! We got the coin bank with candy inside, some cafe exclusive stickers and also a "Happy Bag" at $15.90 which i think is quite worth it since it came with a clear Folder, Tote Bag, Memo Pad and 2 boxes of Packaged Candy. There is currently 15% OFF on Minions Cafe Exclusive Items when you dine at Minions Cafe.
Last but not least, photo opportunities! They have minion soft toys for you to take photos with! 
Honestly if you ask me, i wouldn't say that the overall setup of the cafe was impressive but if you are a fan of minions, it's probably good enough! Spend some quality time with your fellow minion friends, squeak in delight when your food arrives, take lots of photos to make up for the expensive food and bring the experience back since the Minions cafe will only be here till 31st January 2018! Hope this post is a reminder to those who wanted to go but did not realised you guys only have about a week left before it's gone!