Monday, April 30, 2018

SOUL: Transform Wireless headphones

To begin with, i’ve always been a in-ear earphone person and there are 2 things that i look out for when getting a new set of earphone - 1. Aesthetic and 2. Quality. It has to look good and produce decent sound. Oh ya, Price is also another factor. I have never once considered getting headphones because let’s be honest, headphones are bound to attract attention (especially on public transport!) compared to earphones as they are usually huge and bulky and people probably think that you are taking your sound quality quite seriously. LOL  
When SOUL sent me their Transform Wireless headphones (my very first pair of headphones!) i was really pleased at the design. It’s small and compact, no bulky headband or ear pads. The ear pads can be folded inwards for easy keeping. It’s available in 2 colours - Red or Black. The moment i took it out from its packaging, the first thing i noticed was the weight (155g) Touted as the “Active Performance On-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth” The sporty lightweight design will definitely not weight you down during your intensive workouts.  
Did i mention that the ear pads are removable and washable? The Moisture wicking ear pads keeps you dry during your workouts. Definitely a plus point for those who are looking for a good design head phone for their active lifestyle and routines! Together with the nice packaging is the USB charging cable, an audio cable (can someone explain why? Is it when there is no more battery, i can still use it to connect the headphone to my phone? Then again, my iPhone has no audio jack. Duh.) and a carrying pouch.
Battery life is at a whooping 18 hours! That’s the longest i have heard so far! Before the whole “wireless” concept came out, everyone was using wired audio products and we didn’t have to worry about battery life but now that we are all moving on with technology, battery life becomes one of the important factors to look out for when purchasing one of these wireless products. At 18 hours, this is probably one of the longer lasting headphones in the market.  
Obviously i’m not a tech blogger and your guys are probably not interested in the technical aspects of the headphones (they are easily available online anyway, lol) so i’m writing this review based on my own POV and i have got to say that the sound quality is not bad at all! Powerful bass with crisp clear audio. For someone like me who has no knowledge of audio, i was pretty satisfied with the sound quality. 

I also finally realised why some people would opt to go for headphone instead of ear phones because it’s a total different experience altogether. The ear pads engulfed (is that even the correct word to use, lol) the whole of your ear and you get to immersed in the song or show, listening out to every detail of the sound. I tried watching Netflix with my new headphone and i was like “Woah, i need to use this more often.” 

All in all, i would say the Transform Wireless headphones would be a great buy for someone who is looking at getting their first headphone. It can be used anywhere, be it on the bed while watching your favourite K drama or working out in the gym. The Transform Wireless headphones currently retails at $169.90 on their online store -