Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Review: Creative Metallix!

I have always been a huge fan of Creative products as they are of good quality and really affordable. Say for example my Creative Outlier Sports headphones. Ever since i got my first pair, i have never thought of getting any other brand or model because it's just so good in terms of sound quality and it fits my everyday use, be it for casual listening to music or when i hit the gym. I honestly swear by the product and managed to convince the people around me to try them! (They launched a lower end version - Creative Outlier One at $39! Super affordable for a good quality ear piece. Can consider if you always wanted a sports earpiece)

That aside, Creative recently sent me another of their bluetooth portable speaker to review (i'm already using their Roar and MuVo Mini, lol) The Creative Metallix. I secretly love that it's in totally black. 
The first thing will notice about the Creative Metallix would be the size. It's literally palm-sized and weigh just 205 grams, which deems it as ultra portable. I would say it makes a perfect speaker to bring on a travel, staycation or even out for a picnic. You will be shocked that it boost a remarkably long-lasting battery life of up to 24 hours! When i first read about it, i was like what? 24 hours??? That is something that i would not expect from a speaker of this size. I do know of speakers in the market that is at least twice the size of the Metallix but can only last for a much shorter duration.
Every time i do a "tech review" i have to do a disclaimer because i'm not a tech blogger and i won't go into the specifics of the speakers like what is stated on their website - "furnished with an in-house tuned full-range driver with a hidden passive radiator for impressive audio and enhanced bass." To me, what really matters is that the sound that comes out of the speaker must be crisp and clear, with a  good bass. I'm quite sure most people reading this blog will resonate with me because how many people actually knows what's a passive radiator and how it affects the sound???

An honest review from me, i would say the sound produced by the Creative Metallix is awesome, good enough for my standard. (Damn. Very soon no company would want me to review their gadget liao. HAHAHA) Oh ya! If you have 2 or more Creative Metallix (for whatever reason) you can actually pair them up for better and wider stereo sound experience!
The design of the speaker is very simple as shown in the image above. There are different modes which you can toggle between. Like FM Radio, which i feel is a long lost function which a lot of people would greatly appreciate, you can also play your own songs using the built in Music Player via Micro SD card, there is a standard 3.5mm AUX-in port for fuss-free wired connectivity and lastly, you can also use the speaker to activate Google Now or Siri to send a message or make a call (which you can use it as a speakerphone to take calls!) That's quite a lot of functions in a compact speaker isn't it?
Overall i'm really pleased at how this portable speaker pack such a punch and i'm in love with it's minimalistic black design. If you are wondering how much this Creative Metallix would cost, you will be surprised that it retails at just $59 on the Creative online store ( AND it's on a promotion at just $39! Honestly i feel that this would make a great "below-$50-budget" gift, maybe can buy and keep for Christmas gift exchange first because i also have no idea when the promotion is gonna end. LOL Alright, that's all i have to say about the Creative Metallix! :)