Monday, October 22, 2018

Funsiamo - Singapore's first and only DIY baking studio!

Recently i was invited to the opening of Funsiamo, which i totally have no idea what it was about but the invitation wrote something about a baking session which i was what i always wanted to do so i immediately RSVP and locked the date in my calendar. Fast forward a week later, i arrived at the store located at Suntec and i was straightaway handed an apron and the baking sessions begins - without any instructions.
...and that's what Funsiamo was all about. Singapore's first and only DIY baking studio. Originated from Taiwan and now here in Singapore. (In case you are wondering why Funsiamo, it literally means "Have fun together!" from the word "fun" in English and "we are" in Italian)
So all you have to do is walk in, choose from a wide range of recipes such as cakes, tarts, macarons etc and all the ingredients and tools will be made available by the studio. Everything is DIY and you will be equipped with an iPad with instructions on how to construct your cake from scratch.
Everything is available. Either in the fridge or from the tray below your workstation. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the iPad closely and nothing should go wrong. *cross fingers* (Well, if you watch 'Nailed it' on Netflix, you would know that it can be a total disaster for some people. LOLOLOL)
In a typical baking class, you usually start with a chef demo and all the ingredients are nicely prepared for you in the correct quantity, which probably explains why baking classes are always so expensive but at Funsiamo, you immediately start after donning your apron. Follow the instructions on the iPad down to weighing the exact grams of each ingredient and follow the steps. I was given a choice of either the rainbow cake or Valrhona Banana Chocolate Cake and i chose the chocolate cake. Well it's more photo/ insta-worthy and it seem more challenging compared to the rainbow cake. #challengeaccepted.
I missed a couple of steps at the beginning because i didn't read the instructions properly -__- I think i was supposed to put in and mix the wet ingredients first followed by the dry ones or vice versa but i dumped everything into the mixing bowl all at once. Even though it's DIY, there are still staffs on site to guide you or teach you how to use the electric mixer and oven, so don't need to worry so much. Just have fun! :D
As you can see, i was very focused at getting the drip as professionally as i can and then putting in the finishing touches and i was really proud at the end result! It looked almost like the one they had on display! (I was still quite skeptical about the taste tho) Looks not bad right! I mean the chocolate drip is a little untidy, the buttercream exterior wasn't well done but still! Not bad for a first attempt what, HAHA
I posted a photo of my final product on insta story and everyone was like "YOU MADE THIS???" Wahlao.
I was really really proud of my creation tho. After you are done, the staff will pack your cake into this nice little box with ice pack and then tie it up with pretty ribbon for you to bring home. I went home and offered the cake to my family. We concluded that my cake looked better than its taste. Not sure if it's me or that's how the cake is supposed to taste like, lol.

With that said, i really enjoyed myself at Funsiamo and i would highly recommend couples and friends to give it a try! A baking session outside would easily cost close to $200 per pax but at Funsiamo, the recipe range from about $60 for chiffon cakes to about $120 for their fruit tarts and cakes which i think is pretty affordable! (Note: You pay per recipe, not by the no. of pax) It can even be an impromptu date because you can just walk in and start baking!

Funsiamo is located at Suntec City, North Wing. #02-248

Have fun!