Saturday, August 17, 2019

Walking On Sunshine! - Beauty and Dining

I'm not sure if you guys heard of this place called "Walking on Sunshine" but i first knew about them when a video of them went viral on FB. Every time i go to Orchard Central, i will pass by this quaint and pretty place filled with lots of plants but i have no idea what exactly this place is about. It looks like a salon on one side and it looks like there's a cafe on the other. Is that a barber shop as well? Are these shops all related? Well, recently i was invited down for an experience and here i am sharing it here with you guys!
Walking on Sunshine 
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, #03-07, Singapore 238896

Basically this place offers you a one stop beauty and dining experience. For beauty, they provide hair services which ranges from cut, colour, perm, treatment and more, there's also a barber which does gentlemen haircut, beard trimming/shaping, and a nail and foot care section for your pedi/ pedicure and other services. For dining, their cafe serves a wide range of Korean healthy food and dessert. One interesting fact is that they serve complimentary salad or pastries with beverages for all their salon customer! + point!

I was invited for a food tasting session to try out some (ok, maybe not some after you see the amount of food photos below, lol) of their dishes in the latest menu. Here we go!
For toasts, i had the Avocado Toast (left) and Mixed mushroom toast (right)
One of my favourite dish/ dessert that day was the Soufflé pancakes (it takes awhile to prepare but really good and fluffy but recommend to have it straightaway while it's hot. Has a good mixed of berries and nuts!) On the right we have the Barbecue Pork Ribs, big portion, tasty and definitely worthy for money!
Tried 3 different pastas - Squid ink Seafood Spaghetti (left), Bulgogi Beef Cream Fetuccini (right) and Salmon Aglio e Olio (not in photo)  My favourite out of the 3 is definitely the Bulgogi pasta! I'm not exactly a fan of beef but the beef went really went with the cream for this dish. Highly recommended if you can't decide what to have for your meal. The salmon Aglio e Olio dish was a little dry for me tbh.
Gluttony me with a whole lot of food in front of me :| (P.s: I love their ade drinks too!)
I also had the Beef Salami Pizza! I was so full that afternoon gosh. It started with the toasts, then the mains and of course, ending off with the soufflĂ© pancake dessert! I've got to say everything was pretty tasty! :D
A couple of days later, i went back to Walking on Sunshine. But this time to try out their hair service at the salon. I was introduced to Gene who brought me to my station (which was beautifully decorated with plants, with natural sunlight coming in) I really love the open concept of their salon and it just feels different stepping in compared to any other salon out there. Very welcoming and makes you feel at home.
I opted for a haircut with a one tone dye since i'm flying off to Sydney for a 2 weeks trip the very same day. Like what i mentioned earlier in the post, they serve complimentary salad or pastries with beverages for all their salon customer! (I was secretly xiao happy that i got to taste their lemonade ade again, lol)
This was my view when i lay down while getting my hair washed. LOL

I was really satisfied with the service that Gene provided and had a good experience at Walking on Sunshine! The entire experience felt very "complete" because i got to try both sides what they are known for. If you are looking to try their hair services, i actually have 3 x $50 off cash voucher on hand (for colour services and perm services only) so if you would like them, do drop me a DM on my instagram @andystorm and we'll see how i can pass them to you before you go for your experience!

For more information on Walking on Sunshine, you can checkout their website -

Signing off!