Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch @ Ikea Tampines

When you read the title, maybe some of you might go...

Who would have thought of going to Ikea for lunch?! What is there to eat at Ikea? Got nice things to eat at Ikea meh? Isn't Ikea a place to browse furniture? ++

Going to Ikea aren't all about furniture, furniture and Furniture. This post might just change your mentality. Have anyone of you ever ate at Ikea before?

I was quite free that day, (which is like a month ago!) So I asked Claire if she is interested, and the next thing we knew, we were heading for the Ikea @ Tampines. Located at... (Shit, school's internet is down! How to search!)

Ooo, lucky I still have the receipt! Located at 60 Tampines North Drive 2 is the Tampines Ikea (: Actually I never thought of blogging about this whole "Ikea trip", but since I brought my camera that day, Might as well...

Then I thought of sharing my trip to Ikea with you all (:

Backing to the story, Feeling hungry, we went straight to the 2nd level towards the Ikea Restaurant and was greeted by a menu board which shows the special meals they had for the day. BUT what I was aiming for was actually the Chicken Wings!

In case you haven't ate at Ikea before, this is how the whole "ordering" process goes (: First we have to grab a trolley and put trays on it for our food, and push it along the queue. (Sound like my Restaurant City!!!)

Basically we can just take anything from the shelves/ fridge (including cups, utensils etc) and put it on your tray, there is different types of food such as Salad, Pies ++

After which, you will reach another long stretch of counter to order your "Cooked food", this is where the rice... noodles... Chicken Wings comes in (:

And after you get everything that you want, you proceed to the Cashier to make payment (: That day was quite crowded as it was a public holiday, so here is a basic idea of the crowd. It was quite difficult to find a table :(

A lot of people hor?It's like FULLY PACKED.

Oh ya, here is a photo of me pushing the trolley while waiting to make payment (: I like to act cute, cannot ar?! Anyway I don't even need to act lor *flicks hair*

After making payment, going to our seats, it's time to EAT, nah. I'm a Blogger, and what blogger normally do is to Snap away for a good 15 mins before we eat!

RAWR. Can't wait to eat! (The woman behind is so Suay to look into my camera. I have to do something. Bet she must be super hungry lor, can see from her Sian face) Haha! I'm feeling so evil, imagine if she reads my blog! *Shocked face*

Alright, here are the things we ordered. There is a Kid's Fish Burger Meal ($2.90), What! Is there a rule which says only KIDS can eat kid's meal?! There is also 6pcs HUGE chicken Wings ($7.50), Chocolate Mousse ($1.50) and Free Flow Soft drinks at $1.50 (: Everything for only $14.50!

Although it doesn't sound a lot (or maybe it does), but it's super filling! And it's difficult to eat chicken wings glamly without using hands!

Claire was pretending to be viewing her photos on her camera, but she was actually FILMING ME EATING MY CHICKEN WING! The video turn out quite funny (:

I totally did not expect her to be filming me lor! I was still happily cutting up my Chicken Wing, and after cutting it up, and eating it, I was giving the Shuang face! and when she announced she was actually filming, I was like OMG! Luckily it turn out QUITE alright (: of course, after abit of editing here and there :/

With the "We-should-not-waste-food" attitude, we managed to finish everything, and was feeling super full! It's the best time to check out those soft comfy Ikea showroom Sofas :/ Btw, their showroom are so cozy! I want a room like that!

I forgot to say how nice the Chicken Wings were! They are really really really nice!

Alright, that's all (: