Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do Singaporeans Dress Badly?

Being a Guy blogger, I guess other than writing style, Fashion plays a part too. Readers that come to your blog not only to read your post, but also to look at your photos (: Ask yourself, did you come to my blog to read what I write? Look at the photos? or Both? Would you say you are not noticing what I'm wearing? :D

Let's just look at most prestigious shopping district in Singapore, Orchard Road.

Everyone is dress nicely, well almost. There are still people who look like they are wear what they wear at home, and that's no good. Compared to other countries, S'pore is quite a "fashionable" country, people from as young as 14 year old kids to 40+ aunties knows how to dress up ! But Singaporeans are not trend starters, we are followers. We tend to follow trends from other countries (:

Let's take Skinny Jeans as an example. It originated from 1950s, and the trend was brought back perhaps maybe one or two years back. Now, Skinny jeans is like one of the Must-have apparels in your wardrobe! Do you have at least one pair?

I used to think flip flops is a big nono to wear to places like Orchard Road. But after New urban Male brought in the Havaianas, it changed the whole thing. With vibrant colours and style (plus it's comfortable), I would say flip flops are acceptable now (:

Who wears their Pajamas out?

Wearing your Pajama out is a BIG NONO. Not even if you are going to the mini mart downstairs or worse, to Orchard Road. Pajamas are meant to be wore when you are about to sleep, nothing else. (maybe for a Pajama party or slumber party but STILL! ) Unless you want to attract attention, don't trying wearing PJs out (:

Let me share with you the steps I take before heading out to places like orchard.

Cool right? All of these just takes up just 1 hour of my time!

I'm not someone who wear those classic pajamas to sleep, I'm more on casual. BUT I make sure my pajamas look cool too! Here are some tips on how you can look cool in your pajamas! Just memorize them by heart :D

1) You need a slogan. (Like Nike, Just do it!)
2) Bedroom slippers (They just complete the whole PJ look!)
3) A soft toy. (Everyone needs something to hug!)

If you put everything together, you will get something like...

Last but not least:

#1: Find the style that suit you best, Don't try to be someone you are not.

#2: Choosing the right hairstyle is important.
Don't look like you have a huge amount of pork floss on your hair.

So what do you think?