Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't you wish to have online access anywhere?

I bet your answer is " YES, I WISH! "

Before I go on talking about how you can be online anytime, anywhere, Let me just share with you my marvelous phone - My magnificent Samsung Omnia :D

So far the best phone I ever had!

There is like a 5 Megapixel camera, A huge touch screen, a onscreen QWERTY keyboard, accelerometer and best of all... WIFI all packed into this smart phone!

Having internet access in my pocket is one of the most convenient thing for a blogger like me! It's like bringing a laptop everywhere, only smaller and lighter (:

With my Omnia, I will be able to use the internet browser to view my blog (and read other blogs too!) plus I can even approve comments on the go :D

I can also chat on MSN with my friends (:

Twitter is like the in-thing now, everyone is twitter-ing, So am I :D With my phone, I can update my twitter status and also view @replies on the go :D

BUT did you realise I have to connect to wireless before I can do any of the above?

And the problem is... Wireless access is not available everywhere :(

What if...

I'm lost somewhere? My phone has the most marvelous Google map application in my phone, but I will need Wifi to locate where I am and how to get directions!

With online access anytime, anywhere...

I can even watch Youtube in the toilet!

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