Friday, June 19, 2009

Who is the Most YOUnique?

Remember I blogged about the Watsons You Awards the previous time? After about one week after the recruitment phase, the Top 5 for each category is out!

So now the question is...

In case you do not know what the Watsons You Awards is about, you can read my previous post HERE (: Since the finalist are out, I shall give my 2cents about a few of the categories, and to make things more fun, I shall pick my favorites :D

When we hear the term - Healthy hair, we will normally associate it with hair that is long, vibrant and black. 3 out of the 5 finalist fulfills that criteria, but the only short-haired girl caught my attention. Who says short hair cannot be vibrant and healthy? A4 Shine just changed the whole mindset, she has my vote (:

Although your skin may not be the most perfect, but if you are able to perform some make-up magic to form the ultimate flawless face, this award goes to you.

Being half German and half Arabic, she has that unique look that stands out from the crowd. C4 Lubna Nowak gets my vote (:

I had a hard time choosing my favourite out of these 5 guys. I asked myself this question, if I have to approach anyone of these 5 guys to make friends with, who would I choose? I eventually narrowed down my choice to F2 Mervyn and F3 Ivan (:

I asked myself the same question like I did for the males, and My favourite for the Female Friendly face would be E3 Karen. High cheekbones + Sharp nose + her smile. She has the friendliest face (: Don't you think so?

I was expecting a mixture of males and females for this category, but all are girls O.O Where are the guys? Can't guys have Sunny smiles too? Or maybe those guys who joined this category cannot make it. I bet if there is a cute guy, all the girls will vote for him lor! (oh! Maybe that's the reason.)

Oh wells, First impression counts and G2 Zoe gave me the sunniest smile (:

Do vote your favourite via IF you favourite contestant wins, you will automatically be entered into the lucky draw.

The 8 lucky voters who correctly vote for the correct category winners will stand to win attractive product hampers each worth up to $50 in value and a $100 Watsons Voucher! So the more you vote, the greater the chances of winning :D