Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are you the Creators of tomorrow?

Wanna win walkabout pass to the Final Race of the 2009 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix? Wanna win SGD $1000? Wanna win an Awesome all expense paid 5days trip to the BMW world in Munich, Germany?

But first ask yourself this question.


If your answers to all the above questions are YES, this is the contest for you! This campaign is brought to you by the "Creators of Tomorrow" in collaboration with BMW Group Asia. Creators of tomorrow is basically a group of volunteers interested in nurturing the future generations of engineers in Singapore.

Let’s go behind the scenes at Google and learn about the Create2010 challenge:

The challenge to this contest is that you have to apply science and technology to a problem you have identified and create something that the world has never seen. But first, form a team of 2! 2 heads are better than 1, or 3 is also a good number (:

#1: Get someone good/ has strong interest in Science.

#2: Get another person that knows everything about technology.

Ta-dah! You just form yourself a Great team!

After which, Register your team and submit your entries! (Closes on 16 October 2009) Phase 2 of the Contest is for the grand prize to the BMW World in Munich, Germany. Entry for phase 2 is via the online submission form at THIS WEBSITE.

On 23 October 2009, 10 shortlisted entries will be posted online at THIS LINK and 5 teams will be selected as finalists (2 will be selected through public voting, 3 will be selected by the judging panel) All 5 finalist teams will receive SGD $1000!

Not only that, the 5 teams will be given the chance to receive an additional S$1,000 to develop a feasibility plan to bring their idea to life and compete for the grand prize. They will have exactly 1 month to bring their ideas to life!

Of course, the extra $1000 is not for anyhow spend de, The S$1000 will be given to the school and students need to get the reimbursement from the teacher-in- charge. Proof of purchase must be presented to qualify (: Sounds exciting enough?
Checkout their website @ http://www.create2010.com/#/Home to find out more! They have a flash calendar to mark the important dates of this contest!

Wait! Have I mentioned anything about the GRAND prize?

The Grand Prize for the winning team is a FIVE day trip to visit the BMW World in Munich, Germany. Airfare (ECONOMY) and lodging will be provided for each team member and the teacher! They will get to visit the BMW Welt, BMW Classic Cars Museum and the BMW Manufacturing plant in Munich! WAH WAH WAH!

What are you waiting for? Registration/submission of entries closes on 16 October 2009! Head down to http://www.create2010.com/#/Home to find out more.

Read the FAQ to clarify your enquiries. Good luck! :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sakae Sushi Buffet!

My first step to becoming a Food blogger! Muahahahaha!

I always love Japanese food, and had a craving for Sakae Sushi so I sms Claire to ask her whether she wants to go for the buffet with me.

Guess what's the first thing she asked? The price -.-

But after I told her it's about $16+ after GST and Service charge, She agreed. It's not that expensive what right! 16 bucks for a buffet sounds reasonable to me.

So we headed to the Sakae Sushi at Century Square!

Sushi Buffet for Youths is $13.99 ++ (about $16.30)

There is quite a lot of things we can order for the buffet leh. We can like order most of the Sushi, Hand rolls, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, Fried items and many more leh!

Instead of having to call the waiter over to take over orders, we can use the interactive menu to order. Save time!

(Ya ya ya, i know most of you all had Sakae Sushi before... Yes... I understand. Just take it that I'm blogging for those who never had Sakae before alright?)

I love to take food from the conveyor belt! So Japanese-ish (:

This is what you get when you have Bloggers eating with you. Must take photo before eating! That's why you get to read this post full of photos ma!

Can you believe all the photos above are taken by my "Wonderful" 5 megapixel camera that never fails to produce a blur photo? Photoshop works wonder (:

I love to eat Chawanmushi! (Steamed Egg)

The buffet comes with Complimentary Udon too!

and Complimentary Mochi ice cream for desserts!

Ya, that's my lousy camera.

The Magnificent ANdyStorm and Mundane ClaireChing! (She's SO gonna kill me!)

Total bill was $37.41! (We ordered drinks too!)

I think it was quite worth it. I always love to eat buffet because we just pay one price and we can order like unlimited amount of food!

It's damn funny to see how people try to stuff themselves with as much food as possible to the extend of almost vomiting (can see from their face!)

OR when they order order order, then when all the food come, they realised it's too much. Then they stress!!! "OMG, how are we gonna finish all these food!"

This post is brought to you by ANdyStorm, the Food Blogger! Muahahaha!

P.s: I just read through the post and realised it's like an advertorial. This is not hor!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why am i not the finalist for the Best Entertainment blog?!

Just suddenly feel like blogging, since it's related to my next 2 post. There was once Sabrina was searching for lifestyle bloggers on twitter, then I was asking myself, "Am i a lifestyle blogger?", "What type of blogger am i ar?"

Then when the Nuffnang awards categories were out, I wonder to myself which category does my blog belong to?

Best fashion blog? No, I don't talk about fashion at all. Maybe the only fashion post i have is the "Do Singaporeans dress badly?" post and I will be writing a fashion column for a online magazine soon. Fashion blog? Maybe next time.

Best Travel blog? As much as i love to travel. I only blogged about my Malacca trip only. Nothing else, unless you mean traveling from Pasir Ris to Woodlands every day to school, and traveling all the way to Bukit batok for dance training -.-

Best Entertainment blog? Some people nominated my blog for this category. I try to make my blog as entertaining as possible, so maybe my blog can be classified under this category. What do you think? Har? Not entertaining enough meh!

Other categories might be Personal blog? No, I think my blog is not that personal compared to the 3 million xmm blogs out there. I lose to them lor.

I shall announced that My blog will be classified as a FOOD BLOG. I will search the whole singapore for the best food, and share them with everyone! Armed with my POWERFUL 5 megapixel camera that never fails to produce blur photos!

I will share everything that i eat! Even...

The common boring Chicken Rice!

The Hokkien mee that I don't like!

The Laksa that i never try before!

Feeling hungry? I bet you are! So from now onwards, when people ask me what do I blog about, the grand answer is, FOOD. ANdyStorm shall be known as the Food blogger! Muahahahaha

Ok, I was joking. See! I'm entertaining right! Why am i not the finalist for the Best Entertainment blog for the Nuffnang awards ar?!

P.s: Oi, I just writing this post for fun la. Don't come and lecture me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

INQ event @ Supperclub!

Before I go on writing this post, Let me just ask you. How do you pronounce INQ? Is it I-N-Q (letter by letter), OR is it IN-Q? Guess what? Both are wrong. It's pronounced as "Ink" (: Now you got it right, let's proceed with the post!

Was invited by Singtel to attend the Launch of the INQ Mini 3G. Since I was reading 10 bloggers were raving about how good this phone is, i decided to RSVP and checkout the phone myself (: The event was held at Supperclub!
The venue was one of the reasons why I decided to turn up for the event =/
"Yes, you are looking at the interior of Supperclub. Ya, those are pillows..."

I heard people talking about how cozy Supperclub was, how stylish and "bedroom theme" the place is and I always wanted to check it out myself. Finally!

Ok, enough about the place. Let's move on to the event!
The launch of the INQ Mini 3G!
Blogger Stephen and Hpility was at the event too (: I had to rush to Supperclub after watching movie with the clique (Btw, Aliens in the attic is a great show!)

Can you believe i took like 20 mins just to get from Marina Square to Cityhall Mrt station?! I was super lost can! Walk one whole big round from Marina square :(
I was like Gulping cups and cups of Apple juice when i arrived. The waiter had to keep changing cups for me, so Pai seh =/ Soon after some mingling and exchanging of namecards, the event officially started. Glenn Ong was the emcee for the night (:
It was followed by an Introduction of the INQ phone by the Executive vice president of Singtel, Mr Yuen and CEO of INQ, Mr Frank. Everyone was paying attention on the presentation of what this Ultimate Social Media phone can do!
That's me seriously looking at the phone, trying out the various functions (:
The INQ mobile 3G is a slimline Social Mobile! There is like Twitter, Facebook, IM and Email all integrated into this handset. With 3G, the application are always on, and just one click away! You can like check your twitter/ FB status on the go (:

One thing that i like is, the phone can grab your friend's facebook DP and display it as the contact photo, coolness right! Pricing details will be out on 19th September!
Just like any other event i attend, There will be foooooooooooood!!!
I like the "Social Media Cupcakes!" Took the Facebook one (:
Randyys The "Glutton"! AHAHAHA. Ok, joking. I definitely had more than him =/
Ok, last photo. Actually there were other bloggers like Jayden, Nadnut, Claudia etc but forgot to take photo with them. Had late dinner after that and home-d!

P.s: Got read what my tee says anot! It says, "Youtube, Myspace and I'll Google your Yahoo!" So suit the social media theme lor. *Flick hair* Byebye.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 things you don't know about me!

I was thinking of blogging something random and was brainstorm-ing what to blog about. Then I thought to myself, "Hey! Why not I share 10 random facts about myself to my readers?" It would bring my readers one step closer! So I began listing down the things. It's actually not easy okay! Try naming out 10 things about yourself, you will realise you can't name out all 10 facts at a go! Without further ado, Let me present... *Drum Roll* Ta-ta-ra-ta-ta.
I was actually thinking of doing a wordy post, but it's like quite boring. So i decided to last-minute-ly took photos on the spot and come up with 10 images. Pardon the poor editing! It was done very last minute-ly =/ (I even thought of doing a video!)
Fact #1: I have a phobia of height!
According to Wikipedia, The official term for this phobia is called, Acrophobia. Since young, i was afraid of height and i dare not take the roller coaster. Even when i take the lift to a very high up place OR if i look down from somewhere high, I can get goosebumps and my heart feels like it's at my throat! That's how bad it is.

Fact #2: I'm a Picky food eater.
There is a million and one things that I don't eat. Sometimes i wonder how am I going to survive in the army. One thing i hate most is Mayonnaise. I simply can't stand the smell and taste of it. It's like Eww to me. I also don't take Veggie and these 2 things means that I have my burger PLAIN. Just the patty and the bun (:

Other things I hate would be Chilli (I don't take spicy stuff, I love tomato sauce though, Not the fruit!) I hate, Onions (and spring Onions), Ginger, Garlic, Durian (What's with the smell?) and the list goes on and on... Good luck to me.

Fact #3: I don't watch Horror movie.
Yeah Yeah, I'm a scaredy cat. Whatever. I hate horror movies because they scare the freak out of me. I think it's because of Chucky. Don't tell me you don't know who is Chucky. Alright, Click HERE to view who is Chucky. (PARENTAL ADVISE.)

You want me to watch horror movie with you? Can. You pay for the ticket. It's actually worth it. Extra 8 bucks to see me freaked out, totally worth it.

Fact #4: I have a Phobia of using standing urinal.
There is no official term for this Phobia, but i just don't like using standing urinals. If you know me long enough, and you go with me to the toilet, you will realised i will always go into a cubicle. I have had tiko-peh (Dirty old man) looking at me when i pee! I've seen these Dirty old man staring at others before! Totally freaks me out.

Fact #5: I spend $$ like water.
I don't know if "spending $$ like water" is the correct way to express it or not. Heck, whatever. The main thing is, I have to confess. "My name is ANdy, and I'm a Shopaholic." and I don't save. Not that I never try to save, but I can't simply find the extra cash to save. Sometimes i just wish money would drop from the sky...

I used to be, "When I want something, I will get it within the next 3 days." Now i can't afford to :( For Your Info, I've been depending on myself (Not on my parents!) through Blogging and working for the past 3 years, that's something i'm proud of (:

Fact #6: I have Short Term Memory. aka STM.
I wanted to write, "I'm like a gold fish, i can only remember things for 3 secs" But after researching, i realised that Gold fish have memory span of up to 3 months!

Nevermind. As for me, it goes like this. Suddenly i thought of something, and wanted to tell this person badly, but the person is busy. By the time i got the person's attention, I totally forgot what I want to tell him/her. Time span? 3 mins.

I can even forgot what i had for lunch. I should play more memory games.

Fact #7: I cannot really read Chinese.
This is something i'm quite ashamed of. I was never good at Chinese. Talking to friends in Chinese is ok, but with strangers like customers, i will get tongue-tied. When I go singing, I have to figure out the Chinese words on the screen, or simply replaced the words with my own words and pray that no one will notice (:

Fact #8: I don't drink Coffee or Tea.
I really hate it when waiters ask me if i prefer coffee or tea. Because I simply hate both. Actually I do drink coffee, but only Mocha Frappe from Starbucks. I drink tea, but only bubble tea (ice blended only) I hate the "flowery" taste in tea, disgusting.

Fact #9: I can eat Non-stop.
Ironically, as much as me being picky with food. I can eat non-stop. I'm talking about Junk food by the way. I can never have enough of Junk food! I can go hungry in... Let's see...1 hour? Girls are gonna hate me for saying this - I can have lots and lots of junk food, but i can never grow fat. Neh ni neh ni poo poo!

Fact #10: I love Stitch!
Yes, I'm 20 this year, and I love stitch. Cannot meh?! I know of other guys that like stitch also lor! I have a dozen. No, wait. Dozen = 12. I've got more than a dozen stitch soft toys are home! Just look at this PHOTO <-- click!
That's only part of the collection! I'm proud to say that NOT even one of my stitch is bought from a store! They are all either given by friends, or caught in arcades (:
Alright, that's 10 facts about me! If you have nothing to blog, you should blog something like this! It's actually quite fun (: Do you have anything facts that is smiliar to mine? Share with me yours ley!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lunch @ Cold Storage! (Part 2)

Continued from the previous post, We got the Appetizers, which is the Sushi and the main - BBQ chicken stuff! Now we need to get Desserts, Drinks and the Snacks!

#3: Desserts! (Can be cake or anything sinful.)
For the Cold Storage at Tampines 1, they have this dessert section with a wide variety of desserts! (Shit, this is sounding like an advertorial! It's not!) You can get like a huge 6cm chunk of cake at an affordable price there! Spoilt for choice.
I got my favourite Tiramisu in a cup! Wasn't up to my expectation because there is ALCOHOL in it! Wasn't expecting it. The alcohol was too overwhelming :(

By the way, if the Cold storage that you go to doesn't have the dessert section, just get those cakes at the fridge lor, those Sarah Lee pound cake! Damn nice!

#4: Drinks! (Do i need to explain more?)
Being super health conscious me, I resisted all the soft drinks and got Mango Juice!

#5: Snacks! (Biscuit, chips or anything that makes you fat.)
I don't know about you all, but I'm a dustbin. Wait. I mean I love junk food. I can eat them like all the time, throughout the whole day, in class. Anywhere!
Claire chose Pretz for snacks! Pizza and Ham and cheese is my favourite!

Now that we have our Appetizers, Mains, Desserts, Drinks and Snack, it's time to head to the cashier to pay for our stuff! * Push trolley fast fast*
We got quite a lot of food in our trolley! It's like too much!
Can't think of a caption. Eh.. "Wonder how much would everything cost..." :D
Total Bill was $39.65! Not even 50 bucks yet! Woohoo~
The receipt was super duper ultra loooooooong!

Now here comes the part where we sit down and have our lunch! Obviously there isn't any space at Cold Storage where you can sit down and have your lunch. So the alternative would be going somewhere else! And we went to...
The kind staff at Frolick allow us to have our lunch in their outlet! (Obviously we have to purchase something from there...) I bought a Mango flavoured Yogurt!

I never had a good impression of yogurt because I always think that yogurt is full of milk, and there is gonna be this "Milky" taste. But Frolick changed my concept!
That's all for my lunch at Cold Storage! Itadakimasu (いただきます)