Friday, October 2, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful

Feeling really bored, He wonder what he can do without spending too much $$...

He thought of organizing a Movie Marathon at his house!

He has the whole wide range of DVDs at home!

Of course, Food is an essential for a movie marathon!

When everyone arrived and started watching the movie, Short-term-memory ANdy forgot to take out all the food that he bought previously! *Stomach grumbling*

After everyone complained about being hungry, he suddenly remembered about the food he bought BUT he only took out a tube of Pringles! What's the reason?

He decided to be cheeky and tricked everyone that there is only that one and only Pringles left! To make things more FUN krrunch, he said, "The one who manage to guess the correct number of Pringles in the tube will get to eat it!" HAHAHA

Everyone started estimating!

Here we go... 1...2...3...

Because of the little "contest", the situation became more lively! ANdyStorm then went to the kitchen to get more Pringles and food for everyone! Yipeeeeee!

Pringles turn a boring situation to a playful one!

It’s Krrunch Time, get Playful!

I'm invited to the Awards! See you guys there (: