Thursday, November 5, 2009

Olive, Olive and more Olive!

ANdyStorm decided to a short nap under the shade, then suddenly...

Something dropped on his head! !@#$%

He picked it up and realised it's an Olive fruit!
According to Wikipedia, the fruit oil obtained from the olive has lots of benefits. Virgin olive oil is one of the best ingredients for good health & great skin - bursting with nutrients, olive oil is one of Mother Nature's finest creations!
There is a company that uses the natural benefits of olive oil to provide products to create healthier, beautiful & radiant skin. This company is none other than DHC!

DHC is the No. 1 direct mail skincare company in Japan! They have a legacy of 29 years in Japan in creating high quality products. DHC uses ingredients that are tested without adding colouring agents or fragrances. Good for any skin type! (:

The above is one of their famous products. The Olive Essentials Set.

I dunno why, but when I think of skincare or cosmetics, I think of Watsons.
Watsons will be the sole distributor of DHC skincare products! From 5th Nov, you should be able to see them on the shelves of all Watsons stores!
Oh ya, if you think DHC is all about skincare products for girls, you are SO wrong! There are products for guys too! (I heard they are damn fun to use!)

The kind people at Watsons are sending me their range of guys products, wait till I try it out, then i shall do a review post to share with you guys! (: xoxoxo