Saturday, December 12, 2009

LG Blogger Competition!

Few weeks ago, I was just complaining about how un-interesting and mundane my life was, nothing special is happening to me thus I wasn't really updating my blog...

Then I received an email from LG. My heart was beating damn fast as I was reading the email. 6 SG bloggers are chosen to be the first in Singapore to try the LG's first android phone, the GW620 and we have to post a review on our blog.

3 out of the 6 of us will be flying to Seoul, Korea to compete with bloggers from all around the world, and the best blogger will win the prize of a new LG netbook!

What really attracts me is the trip to Korea! I have never take a plane before, and this might be my lucky chance to win a fully sponsored trip to Korea! Who cares if I have to skip a few days of school for the trip in January! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Imagine my classmate ask me why i never go school? Then i just have to reply, "Oh, I was in Korea yesterday" *flicks hair* PWN! (I'm laughing like a mad man now!)

But of course, it's not so easy to win a trip to Korea la. There is quite a lot of things to be done! Writing a review is quite easy for me, but to make it interesting for you guy to enjoy reading it, that's quite a challenge. So lookout for the post!

I thought for a few days and suddenly an idea struck me when i was on the bus. I really wished i had a pen that time so that I can sketch everything out, but i did not have one at that time :( So once i reached home, i put down everything, chiong-ed into my room and start sketching my idea out! The photo above is the end product!

It's gonna be a challenge to transform my idea in a blogpost so wish me luck people! Btw, that's me with my new LG GW620! Chio right! (I'm talking about me and the phone!) Love my smooth photoshopped face! Nice hor? AHAHAHAHA

If i really get to go to Korea, I'm so gonna do a full travelogue! Always wanted to do another since my Malacca one, but did not get to go anywhere :( *Praying*

That's all for this post, just wanna share this interesting piece of news with you guys. Hope you guys are praying for me too! Korea, HERE I COME! (: