Friday, April 2, 2010

After-dark Hippo Tour with Radio 100.3!

I'm backkk!!!! I was invited by to a special after dark hippo tour 2 days ago and here i'm blogging about it! This your is part of the Night Out @ Bras Basah & Bugis precinct campaign, organised by Radio 100.3, Radio 91.3 and! :D

Had KFC dinner with a bunch of bloggers before heading to the National museum. Since we were there quite early, we decided to explore the museum + camwhore!

Everyone looking at Ash twitpic a camwhore photo we took :D

Registered and was assigned to the Radio 100.3 bus! I'm so glad i chose the 100.3 bus instead of the 91.3. You will know why later...

All on board the Hippo bus! This is my 2nd time taking the hippo bus. I still remember the first time i took the bus, it was raining -__- Finally get to hop on the the bus again, this time at night somemore! Get to enjoy the breeze and no sun!

Time to move off and join the heavy traffic along Orchard road!

As we go along, the Radio 100.3 deejays will give us a tour on the surroundings, i remember going past Plaza Sing, NAFA, Laselle, Sim lim and many other places... Going through all the unfamiliar little roads makes me feel like a tourist...

First stop: Chijmes!

This is the first time i actually step into Chijmes. Everything i walk past i thought it was just Church, and then now i realised there are dining areas inside. The atmosphere is perfect for chilling! Great place to catch up with your friends :D

Another group photo! This time with June and YingZi from the 91.3 bus! :D

Deejay Jeremy from FM91.3 telling us the history of Chijmes.

Time to move on again! This time to...

PoMo! This is the first time i actually heard of this shopping center. I bet it was your first time too! I thought we were just passing by but little did we know that we are actually going into the center itself to eat! I almost thought i heard wrongly! O_O

Ishi Mura Japanese Food street! Now that's the difference between the Radio 100.3 bus and the FM91.3 bus! We can has free Japanese food! Weeeee~

Group photo of our table! I was feeling super excited to know what's the food!

Salmon Salad. Scallop Okonomoyaki, Char Siew Ramen and Japanese Pizza! OMG

Totally did not expect so many dishes. First dish: Raw Salmon and lots of veggie. Sighs, I'll never try Raw salmon again. 2nd dish: Full of veggie and Mayo, Sighs. 3rd Dish: Ramen!!! My favourite! 4th: Pizza! Yayyyyyy! and now to the dessert!!!!!!

Ta-dah! Vanilla ice cream imported from Japan! What's so amazing about it?

The ice cream comes in a balloon tied with rubber band! and this is how you eat it:


Everyone had so much fun eating this special ice cream, even the kids! Although it's abit obscene to see everyone sucking and squeezing the rubber ball to get the ice cream out =/ But nevertheless, it's definitely an interesting way to enjoy ice cream!

Took a photo with the Radio 100.3 deejays to end our hippo bus tour :D