Monday, March 29, 2010


After reading my archives, i realised my blog is not that personal anymore. I used to write about my school life and anything under the sun, but nowadays it's more on adverts, events and just a teeny weeny bit of myself. Oh wells.

Random fact about me: I don't bother explaining myself to others. I only care what my friends think about me. So if you are one of those that think i'm dao, unfriendly or whatever, say whatever you like. You really think i care what you say?

How can you determine a person by his online persona? You don't even know the person in real life and you want to act like you know everything. *Roll eyes*

Find something more constructive to do k? Don't be an idiot.

Oh wells, this post is not even supposed to start this way -__- Nevermind. Just feel like blogging a personal post about my friends. If you don't feel like reading then just close this window, find something else to read. If not, enjoy reading :D

I've finally graduated from RP. 3 years in RP was quite boring but thanks to this few bunch of friends, my life in RP was much much more happening.

The way RP work is different from other polys. You have to change class for EVERY semester, meaning in your whole 3 years of RP life, you will get to know about 6 X 25 = 150 friends. Sounds great but actually it's not. Imagine finally making close friends in the 13th week, and after the 15th week, you have to change class. Zzz

As time goes by, from Year 2 onwards, I wasn't even interested in making friends. After 16 weeks, bye bye. Hello new class. The cycle goes on for 6 times.

BUT i'm glad to know this bunch of friends:

Year 1: Amanda, Keith, Hui xin, Peggy, Rinn!

Got to know them when i first enter RP, everyone of us is in different diploma courses but since year 1 is the foundation year, we were put together and we kept in touch till now. Ok lah, Keith and Peggy kinda disappear to dunno where BUT consider still in contact lah! Facebook lor. At least still got 3 what.

I'm more close with Rinn and Amanda. We would go home together almost everyday, have lunch together, play piano at the library, skip classes together :D

Year 1 sem 2: Yah see and Nurul!

We were in the same team for the first day! Yah see was sitting beside me, Nurul opposite. Thought Nurul was chinese at first, Lol. Became good friends and now BFFs! We celebrate every birthday together, lunch in school together, CNY we would go Yah see's house! I remember blogging last time about our BFF outing! :D

Year 2 & Year 3: Zakia, Wei jian, Shao Cheng & William (Not in picture)

Got to know them in Year 2, but being good friends and having the same interests. We chose the EXACT same modules and put them in the EXACT sequence for higher chance to be in the same class and we managed to kena same class again!

Really love them alot. They are the ones who made my life in RP so much more fun. Ohh! We also did FYP together! Slack at the starting then chiong all the way at the end. Damn stress but nevertheless, we managed to finish it in the end :D

I've made all kinds of friends in my life. Some that leave little impressions and some that managed to change my life. Some that made friends with me for a motive. Some that changed after being affect by the people around them and hypocrites.

Alright, shall abruptly end my post here cos i dunno how to continue further! "True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere" I my diamonds, those leaves in my life can go fly kite :D