Saturday, April 24, 2010

#Project Room Cleanup! Look at the mess!

Gosh. There's totally nothing interesting happening in my life now. Even when i go online, there seem to be nothing to do at all other than refreshing my blog and see the same thing over and over again -__- Ok, i was joking about the refreshing part.

Have been staying at home for the past few days, and i thought, "It has been ages since i clean up my room, why not do it today?" Made up my mind to clean my room thoroughly that day! Before i go on, let me just show you how "neat" my room is :D

Can't believe i'm showing you guys all these photos of my room. Oh wells.

Ta dah! This is where my desk is. Hardly any room to walk around =/

My desktop! Filled with all sorts of junk. Let's play "Can you spot my ipod?"

The other side of my room where the shelves are! Gosh. What a mess.

So now it's time for...

Before you start complaining how messy my room is, how disgusted you are, scolding me or whatever. That's-not-my-room. I just randomly google-d "Messy Room" and tons of these images pop out. I wonder how people live in such room...

Now here's my REAL room:

Actually i think it's quite neat but nevertheless, there's room for improvement! :D

My messy table but trust me, i've seen worst. On the outside, it seem quite neat. That's when you haven't open the drawers. But when you open them...

No, those are not disposable underwear!

Everything else goes to this drawer. By the way, see those prints on my table? They are drawn free handed by ME! I was thinking this table is white and boring, why not draw something on it. So i took a black marker and started doodling...

End result. (Photo taken ages ago!)

Ok, shall not sidetrack. #1st step to packing my table is to dump everything out:

Yes, that's quite alot of things.

After which, clean the empty table!

Woohoo! I love BIG photos! After cleaning the table, it's time to sit down and decide what are the things that i should keep/throw/donate. 2 HOURS to finish -__-

After which, arrange everything back into the drawers! Remember I show you a photo of my messy drawer earlier on? Nevermind, this is the photo:

And after packing...

Ta-dah! Got difference okay! It's so much neater now *flicks hair*

If you think i'm done with cleaning up, you are wrong. My room don't only consist of a table okay -__- There's another area i need to clean, which is the other side of my room! The area right infront of bed, which has like shelves, TV, toys etc :D

Ok lah, this area is quite clean and neat because i seldom touch the things there but nevertheless, i decided to take everything down and wipe the shelves clean!

All my old comics and toys. Lots and lots of stitches!

Just when i thought this area is clean, i spotted a bunch of ants among the books!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! (Obviously this photo isn't taken by me, i google image-d it...)

You know how some people hate lizards or cockroaches? The insect i hate most are ANTS. I'm fine with 1 or 2 lurking around, maybe they got lost or something but when they come in a whole bunch, i make sure i EXTERMINATE them! After that i will overturn the whole room, find the cause and kill them all! Die ants die! MUAHAHA

Shit, i side track again. This post is getting longer and longer. Back to my room,After cleaning the shelves and arranging everything back, here's the final result:

Rearrange-d the shelves so there's space for my Stitches! Clever me.

One big bag of rubbish. 1 bag of mag + paper to recycle. 1 bag of toys to donate!

and I'M DONE!

Oh ya, if you ever wonder how many stitch soft toy i have, here's the answer:

How many stitches are there altogether? :D