Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Orange Clove Blogger's Night!

Before i go on blogging about this food tasting event, let me just ask you guys this question, "Name me one food caterer in Singapore." I bet 90% can't answer me. Honestly i'm in that 90% category. I'm turning 21 this year, and i always wanted my 21st birthday to be a extravagant one! Something special. Something memorable.

As a blogger, I've been to lots of events and seen how PRs organize their event and i would love to plan my own 21st birthday. It may not be big, perhaps a limo ride ending in a hotel room? Or maybe a yacht outing with a bunch of friends?

6 more months to my birthday, never know what will happen in between. Alright, without further ado, shall blog about this food tasting event by Neo Group! :D

Was invited to a Bloggers' Night Food tasting event. Orange Clove catering is the newest brand under Neo group of caterers. Since they extended their invitation to me, why not go down mingle with the other bloggers and enjoy some good food?

The event was held at Botanic Gardens function room. Was kinda late (again!) so decided to cab down from town! Cab fare was 11 bucks for such a short distance!

Upon arriving, registered at the counter and grabbed a little goodie bag!

Little did i know that, there's a bag of macaroons in the goodie bag!

Gathered with the other bloggers and had a little intro of Neo group and also the program for the night! Followed by the anticipated food tasting session! Then wine sampling and finally the lucky draw! 6 lucky winners get to win a bottle of wine :D

Before we go on to the food tasting session, here's the menu of the day:

Sounds nice right! Btw, i designed the above menu image myself! MUAHAHA

Oh ya, forgot to mention who i brought along for the event! Since i can bring 2 friends along, i brought foodies Joyce and Don! Psst, did you notice something different about me? I combed my fringe all the way up! Feels abit weird though.

While some people queue up patiently for the food...

We have food photographer bloggers taking brilliant shots of the food! :D

Because everyone was taking their food, it was kinda difficult to take an overall shot of the whole table setup. Food presentation is one thing, taste is another!

Here are some photos i took of the food. The food presentation is thumbs up :D

Here's Joyce picking one of the "deluxe canapes". The name very act chio. AHAHAHA

Individual shots with our food. You can see who's the greedy one -__-

Act one food photography with the flowers deco on the table. Lol

I would say the food is not bad. Everything is in bite sized so i was able to try every dish, food presentation is wonderful. Looks too appetizing to be eaten. Love the Honey chicken. heard the Pan fried snapper with miso butter sauce was great! :D

Mingled with the other bloggers. Saw familiar faces like Yutaki, HP etc!

Next up would be the desserts! In my food dictionary, a meal is never complete without desserts so desserts plays a very very very very very important role!

Imagine you go to a friend's party, then you see the buffet but you feel kinda full BUT there's ALWAYS room for desserts! Especially when they look so good!

"OMG, everything look so nice, must try must try! Take take take!" MUAHAHA

Being Bloggers, not forgetting to take shots of our food!

Last dish/ dessert of the day! Mango Pudding with fruits! Weeeee~

By the time we finish the dessert, we were damn full. (Did i mention we went for another round of food before the desserts? No? Now you know.) So what's next?

Wine sampling session! Honestly, i'm not a fan of wine but no harm trying just a teeny weeny bit. They went through with us what type of wine it is, the fragrance, colour and everything. Everyone was pretending to be wine experts by swirling the glass, sniffing the fragrance and sipping it with grace. (me included!) AHAHAHAHA

Event ended with a lucky draw! Joyce won a bottle of wine for herself! Woots.

Alright, that's all i've got to say for the event! Had an enjoyable night with good food. Thanks for the invites! Here's a little plug for them just in case you are looking for a caterer for your events, you can checkout!