Thursday, April 8, 2010

Singapore’s First Blogger Symposium by Nuffnang!

Backkkk! Here i am blogging about the Singapore’s First Blogger Symposium by Nuffnang! Happened last Saturday (3rd April), this post is abit overdue but better than never blog right? (Since when i blog about events on time also!) AHAHHAHAHA

Singapore’s First Blogger Symposium was held at SMU, School of Accountancy!

Went to the event with Leon, Ash and Joyce. 12.15pm: We were one of those first early few that arrive at the event. SMU's school of accounting was quite tough to find, have to go through like half the school before arriving at the building! Urgh.

Registered at the counter and was given sticker tag to identify ourselves!

Beside the counter was a HUGE photo banner! They are the photo submitted for the mini photo contest. The theme - Happiness. Spotted my photo among them!

When i heard about this mini photo contest, the first photo that came up to my mind was this photo! If you guys remembered, it's taken during a CNY gathering early this year with a bunch of friends! Don't you think everyone (especially me!) look super happy in this photo? Too bad it's not chosen for the final 5 photos :(

There were 5 finalist for the contest and we had to vote by placing the ice cream stick in my goodie bag into these cups! This photo was taken even before the event started so you should be about to guess which photo won :D BANANA!

Before entering the "lecture hall", i had my photo taken against the backdrop!

More and more people started filling up the auditorium, and at about 1.30pm+ the event officially started with hui wen (Country manager) giving an opening speech!

Checking out the brochure included in the goodie bag, well designed! :D

People always say you look the most unglam when
eating, i have no choice but to agree. Gosh.

Photo with Ash and Joyce! I had a hard time to deciding what to wear because smart casual can means alot of things. So i decided to wear my usual + blazer :D

2 readers came up to me and requested for a photo. Most willing :D

Remember i took a photo with the backdrop earlier? They had it printed out!

Ta-dah! I look quite chui in the photo carrying the canon plastic bag. Zzz

Top students at the first rows! 3.15pm: After a short break, time to split up to the various rooms for our "lecture" with one of the 6 top bloggers! I'm with Xiaxue :D

"Lecture notes" How to camwhore and lie to the world that you're gorgeous!

There she is with her chio bling vaio laptop! :D

Guide to Photoshop! As expected she made the session quite entertaining for everyone! Love the way she photoshop her pics! Actually i already know everything that she taught but then i just wanna sit in and see how she conduct her session!

She had extra time left and since Kenny sia was there, she decided to take a photo of Kenny with her Canon S90 and photoshop it to perfection! Damn funny moment!

The aftermath! Straighter teeth, contact lens, lashes, blusher and more! AHAHAHA

Camwhoring with a Dslr is never easy. But ash seem to be able to handle it!

Event ended after giving away 2 Canon S90 to 2 lucky draw winners and another S90 to the mini photo contest winner! Ended the event with a BIG group photo! :D

Photo credits: Jing long @