Monday, May 17, 2010

"Bling" your phone with $2!

From the success of the first post - "Gmask your phone with $2", here's another post on how you can bling your phone with just $2 too! Actually i did not intend to do this post, but after my mum saw how i Gmask-ed my LG eve, she went to buy those bling stickers and ask me to paste it on her phone so it was an impromptu decision to take photos of the whole zeng-ing process! So here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Above are the things you need. You can get the one piece of those bling sticker anywhere. Cheapest would be at Daiso! Just 2 bucks! I've seen really expensive ones at Mini toons, those with Disney characters on them (I think they cost $30!)

Step #1: You have to measure the camera and whatever holes at the back cover.

Step #2: Use a penknife to cut out the holes for the camera.

Result after cutting. One hole for the camera, one for the hand strap :D

Step #3: Measure one last time to see if it really fits nicely.

Step #4: If it fits perfectly, you can start pasting the whole piece on the phone.

Ta-dah! Now the back cover of your phone is bling-ed! Isn't it easy?

It's much more easier and cheaper than buying the little little crystals and pasting them one by one using the glue and creating a mess! If you are one of those lazy ones but want a nice chio bling-ed phone, perhaps you can try this method??? :D