Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nokia X6 - Comes with Music!


Before i start this post, let me ask you guys this question? What do you get when you combine a music player e.g, Ipod and a phone?


Thanks to Nuffnang, i got my hands on one of the latest music phone, the Nokia x6! This phone is Nokia's most powerful entertainment device to date combining 32GB of on-board memory with a slick finger touch interface that allows access to the world's music via Nokia's all-you-can-eat-music offer, Comes with Music! :D

Talking about the Comes with Music, the phone comes with a activation pin for you to enjoy unlimited access to million of tracks from your phone for FREE!!!! Yayyyyyy!

Downloaded lots of Lady gaga hits LEGALLY! Woots :D

Other than the Comes with Music service, there is also the Ovi store which has lots and lots of games and applications for me to download! Downloaded apps like...

Gravity! A twitter app! Now i can tweet on-the-go since i have mobile broadband!

Golden Village! Instead of going online to check the "Now showing" movies or book tickets, i can do it through the application! So much more convenient! :D

Oh ya, There's also GPS! I can easily search for the place i want (:

Not forgetting the most important tool for a blogger, the camera! Thank god it's a 5 megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash! Every photo came out clear and nice. With the 3.2" wide screen, i can review the photos and videos clearly :D

Other than the fact that i'm not used to the fully touch screen, the rest is up to my expectation. Love the long battery life! The Nokia X6, the next BIG thing!

That's all i have to say! Had quite a fun time using the Nokia x6 :D