Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fish and Co. with BFFs!

P.s: My BFFs always complain i always never blog OR is always the last to blog about our BFFs outings SO this time, I'm proving them wrong by blogging out most recent outing first! MUAHAHA Ok lah, the fact is that all the photos are taken my camera, and i never send it to them... But still, I'm first! *flicks hair* Lalalalalala~

As mentioned in my MAY day post, one of the things i want to do include meeting my BFFs! I think they saw my post or something, and soon enough we arranged for a dinner! Since having Fish and Co. is also "something i want to do in the month of May", i suggested going to Fish and Co. for dinner! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Lol :D

Venue: Fish and Co. The Glass house @ Dhoby Ghaut!

Come fishy, come to papa~

I'm having the best fish & chips in town!

We were deciding on what drink to have and suddenly the waiter brought out a HUGE cup to the table beside us. Feeling curious, i went to ask the waiter what drink is that. Turn out it's one of their Giant sized drink! So we ordered 1 cup (with 3 straws!) and shared among ourselves. The Sharkle Freeze @ only $6.50 :D

Happy us with our drinks! P.s: We only ordered 1 cup! Not 3!

Each one one third, friendship never die. (Loosely translate from hokkien, Lol!)

Camwhore while waiting for our fishy food! :D

Salmon Cajun with Chips!

New york Fish and Chips!

Happy us with our food! Let's tuck in!

How can a meal end without desserts! Hot Fudge cake!

Within 10 mins...

All gone.

Wanted to take neoprints, so we last minute-ly found a neoprint machine at Cineleisure that cost only 5 bucks. Some things are too good to be true! FAILED attempt lor. Stupid camera don't know how to auto focus, all blur blur one + the camera too near, we have to squeeze like mad then part of our face cut off -__-

Nevertheless, had a great time with them! During the dinner, we were randomly suggesting about going overseas together, maybe Malaysia for a short weekend getaway and guess what? We are really planning the trip now! So excited! Wee~