Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was feeling quite bored of my hair colour so i was thinking of doing something extreme, something that i don't dare to try normally so i decided to bleach my whole hair blonde! But after much consideration (+ abit lack of courage) , i decided to bleach only the front part like Jonghyun, something like THIS (Clickable!) :DDD

I was thinking of going to a salon to bleach but then while shopping at Watsons with my mum few days ago, i came across this Gatsby Ex hi bleach which cost only $11.60. No harm trying, so i bought it and decided to try do it myself! MUAHAHA

Contents in the box. First time bleaching, quite excited. heehee

Followed the instructions in the pamphlet given :D

Step #1: Pour the powder into the bottle of liquid. Shake well 3o times up down.

Step #2: Now squeeze the cream into the mixture. Shake well 3o times up down.

Instead of bleaching the whole hair, i only want the front part blonde. So i used a hair band to define the area that is to be bleach. Can see the hairband anot? XD

After bleaching 2 times for about 20 to 30 mins each time...

Ta-dah! Highly photoshop-ed. (Except for the hair!) This photo is not even the exact colour of my hair lor! After taking like 5 million shots, the colour of my hair is still either brighter or darker one. Don't have the exact colour one, so i gave up trying to take. It's agar agar something like this lah. IT'S NOT ORANGE IN REAL LIFE!

See see see! In this photo, the shade of my hair is different again. Argh. Bye bye.
P.s: Negative comments about my hair will not be approved.
Neh ni neh ni poo poo. My hair or your hair? :D