Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Workplace - Hei Sushi

I've never blogged about my workplace before for the past 3 years. In fact, i was hiding the fact that i'm working at Downtown east from everyone except my close friends. I don't really know the real reason why i'm hiding this fact from everyone.

Maybe it's because I don't want people (esp. my readers) to go down to downtown east and try to spot me working, in the end seeing the "unglam" side of me. Zzz

I appreciate those that identify themselves to me when they come to my workplace to eat, or those who leave a comment on my blog telling me they were there at my workplace and they like my service... (P.s: I get freaked out whenever people @ me on twitter when i'm working, then i'll try to scan the restaurant for that follower!!!)

(Ok, now i feel like i'm acting like one superstar and if i announced that i work at DTE, hundreds of readers will flock to my workplace just to see me in real life. Oh wells, that's NOT what i'm trying to imply btw. If you think i am, kindly get lost.)

Whenever i tell someone i'm working, 90% of them will be surprised because they think that i'm those who always go out to have fun and have unlimited amount of cash. But sorry, i'm not what you think i'm. Actually i don't really need the money, it's the PEOPLE that made me stay on to this job for 3 years. My colleagues

Every time after working a full shift, i would go home feeling damn tired but i never wanted to quit. (Ok lah, honestly i did wished i had a simpler job like Frolick or ExplorerKids but still!) I would honestly say, i enjoyed this job tremendously :')

I still remember in September 2007, i accompanied my friend to Hei Sushi white sands to apply for a job, i decided to apply for fun and in the end, i was called up instead of her. Few months into my job, i had to almost quit because of my blog.

Throughout these 3 years, I've seen people come and go. Part timers, full timers, Managers, Supervisors, chefs etc. Some or should i say treat me really well, a few pissed me off a few times *cough* Aziz *cough* Nurma *cough* But it's okay now.

"People makes mistake in life, it's whether we learn from it"

The above is the quote from a poster behind our locker room door.

I love how we were like a family, sharing food, celebrating each other's birthday, gossip about customers at the counter. Here are some examples of the customers:
Customer type #1: Weird Families.
Example: This family has always been regulars and their child, either the boy or the girl NEVER fails to vomit after eating. He/she would vomit without a warning, in the end, we had to clear up the mess. So whenever they come, we would gossip whether we should give them a plastic bag just in case.

Customer type #2: Avoiding buffet wastage charge
Just like Sakae sushi, we have the tea time buffet and we always inform our customers there will be a wastage charge if they leave any food behind so these customers, especially students will try all their means to hide all these food they can't finish. In between their bowls, anywhere they can think of.

Customer type #3: Take away Buffet?
I once had this auntie customer who brought her little son to have buffet with her and while strolling along the tables, i saw her dumping sushi into her bag one after another -__- We try not to expose her pretended to hint her so she stopped dapao-ing. Some people ah...

Customer type #4: Youth Buffet
Some people would do anything to save that few dollars. So obvious this bunch of customers are adult but they claim they are students. Sometimes we close one eye, sometimes we asked for their student pass.

This couple left the deepest impression on me, they walked in. Sat down and asked to have Youth buffet. They are obviously adults but guess what, they managed to show their student pass and while one of them open their wallet to take out the student pass, i saw their marriage photo -__-

Customer type #5: Annoying customers.
Sat down, ordered their food and demanded their food after 5 mins. "Can you check my order! I waited very long already!" Hello? People come in wait for 15 mins also haven't get their food, you wait 5 mins only talk so much. Zzz

Customer type #6: Love to compare.
Food came, not satisfied with it so complained to us. "Your ramen is below standard, compared to Ichiban, this is so not worth the price blah blah blah" On the surface, we smile and say sorry. But inside? Hello sir, if you think ichiban is so good, why are you f**king here in the first place? Get lost then.

Customer type #7: They bring their maids.
To me, maids are part of the family and they should be allowed what they want to eat. To some families, they order a lot but NOTHING for the maid. The maid gets the LEFTOVERS which the children cannot finish. Damn sad can!

Customer type #8: We are closing soon.
We close at 10pm, last order is at 9.30pm. Some customers think they own the place and they still continue to sit down and chat till 9.45, 10pm. Hello, you all don't want to go home i want leh. Can hurry up pay and go anot?!
Ok, i shall stop here. If i continue, i think i can write a book already. Any publisher wants to sponsor me? I can write the whole book for you! Lol, just joking lah. The fun and laughter at my workplace is something that i will never forget. you guys.