Thursday, June 10, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore Part 2!

Continued from part 1 of the Universal Studios post! If you haven't read the first post, i would highly suggest you read it first HERE (clickable) I see no reason why you should read finish this post, then read the first one. Like abit wrong leh. Lol

Moving on from the Sci-Fi city (which the main attraction was closed -.-), we are now at Ancient Egypt!!! I love how suddenly we arrive at another land! The design of the Ancient Egypt is damn special, especially with the large Anubis statues!!!! :D

Damn tall Anubis statues greets you when you enter Ancient Egypt.

If you have no idea what is Anubis, it's some kinda Egyptian creature or something, you can read the official wikipedia HERE (I bet only 1 or 2 of you will click the link!)

SEE SEE SEE! The statues are damn huge. Compare it to the man at the side!

This is one of the attractions in Ancient Egypt - The Treasure Hunters. Quite lame de lah, unless you got so much time and you feel like resting then take this ride.

Next is one of the main rides in USS - The Revenge of the Mummy! This has got to be the scariest roller coaster i've ever been on. When entering the ride, you have to walk in a maze for like 10 to 15 mins before you reach the roller coaster -__-

That's when the terror begins. You go through total darkness as you face warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride. (I copied the sentence from the brochure =/)

The roller coaster will go very very fast then suddenly stop, turn 90 degrees to one side, and then drop. SUPER DAMN SCARY. One hand grabbing the rail tightly, the other holding my specs. I was screaming my lungs out, resulting in a sore throat.

The Egypt-themed cart. Forgot what they sell le.

Next up: THE LOST WORLD!!!! I think among the 7 themed areas in USS, the lost world is my MOST anticipated area! It's like i've been watching Jurassic park since young, and always wonder how would it be like to enter the lost world with all the big and scary dinosaur, now's the chance! So glad I was not disappointed!!! :D

The best show in USS and i did not managed to catch it. I heard it's really damn nice with all the death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills in this "live" water show. Shouldn't have missed it, now i must wait til the next time then can.

Entering The Lost World! RAWRRRRRRRR

Ok, this is the main entrance. Like in the movie hor!!! Jurassic Park!!!!!!

Pretending to be scared. In front of the entrance got 2 HUGE dinosaurs. If only they are the "normal" brown colour instead of the weird shade of green -__-

Damsel in distress. Sabrina trying to look scared. T-rex posing for camera :D

Award winning shot of the Jurassic Park entrance by yours truly! Still got one of the rides in the photo ok! Have to wait for the perfect moment *flicks hair* AHAHAHA

Can you spot the kiddy ride? The Dino-Soarin'

The Lost World themed cart! :D

My MOST anticipated ride in the whole USS! The only ride that's gonna soak you from head to toe! THE RAPID ADVENTURES!!!!! As much as i want to take this ride first thing once we enter USS, it's better to leave it for the last. You wouldn't want to walk around the park soaking wet and looking silly right? Unless you don't mind.

In this ride, you sit in this float and then travel around on water, look at the different dinosaur, then enter this blackout hydroelectric plant whereby they bring you up quite high then let you splash down! Quite scary but exciting! RAWRRRR

Too bad i don't have any photos of the ride because they say confirm get wet, better not bring your camera in. But dunno why i so heng, never get wet AT ALL.
If i know i bring my cam along lor, then can take photos of the dinosaur!!!!! :(

Oh ya, The lost world is the ONLY area that doesn't provide free locker rental. The other areas offer FREE rental for 30 mins, so you can like keep your things, go for the ride then take your things. But for The Lost World, need to pay for rental :(

Another ride at The Lost World - The Canopy Flyer! It's like a mild roller coaster. Best if you are wet from the Rapid adventure, then you go on this ride to "dry" yourself. I took this ride 2 times!!!! Because i sat facing the back for the first time...

Recharge and enjoy quick bites like tasty hot dogs or frozen drink at Fossil fuels!

Did not managed to go in to the Dino-Store where all the souvenirs are!

Alright! That's all for all the rides at Universal Studios! I always thought that one day won't be enough to finish everything, but actually as long as you are there early, it's possible to finish visiting the whole park. Just plan your time well! :D

Colour accent! Selecting only the "Reds" to appear in the photo, damn nice!!!

Got the "Far far away" castle feel right! Feel so magical sia~

Used self timer to capture this shot with the castle at the back! Love this photo!

The girls trying to get the perfect shot of the castle! Checkout mine:

Another award winning shot by yours truly! MUAHAHA

Last few shots before leaving USS! The official merchandise store at Hollywood!

The Darkroom for photographic needs and camera accessores!

Cute looking Popcorn cart selling pop corn! (Obviously -.-)

One last photo to end the day! A shot with the USS globe! This is a MUST-take!

That's all for my Universal Studios post! If you wanna know more information like opening hours/ ticket price about USS, you can checkout their official site HERE.

Photos with special effects such as fish eye, colour accent are all taken using the new Canon Powershot series - SX210 IS, IXUS 210 , IXUS 130! KTHXBYE!!! :D