Thursday, July 8, 2010

My extravagant 21st Birthday! Lol.

My 21st birthday is 3 months away and i'm already starting to plan for that very special day on 19th October!!! I know it's kinda early but it's better to plan things early what. No meh? Turning 21st is like a milestone in one's life, it's when the REAL adulthood begin, where you get the "key" to freedom so to commemorate this special day, something special must happen on that day/ night. *spotlights*

Organizing it in a chalet would be feasible as it's quite cheap to book a chalet nowadays (less than 200 bucks/night!) and you can cater food for everyone. However, i find it kinda common. I wanted something special *sparkling blings*

Choice #1: Celebrate it on a Yacht! I've never been onto a yacht before but i've read about how interesting it is to spend a special event on it. It would be quite cool to invite a bunch of great friends to celebrate your 21st with you on the sea.

However it's not cheap. A check online show that it's at least 900 bucks for a 3 hour slot out in the sea, excluding the food. Worth it or not, you decide for yourself...

Choice #2: Lotus limo! I've been on this limo twice in my life, both during blogger events! The exterior of this limo is super cool, and the inside IS EVEN COOLER!

It's like a mini club inside with drinks, chocolates and neon lights! I can never ever forget the experience! A check on the net suggest that it's around a few hundred bucks to rent it for AN HOUR. But it's not feasible to cut a cake in the limo right? Only can fit 8 pax? In the end still have to get off the limo and go somewhere else.

Next up would be the theme:

MacDonald Party! I came across an article on Sunday times and i was thinking, "Since i always wanted a MacDonald birthday party when i was small, why not organize one for my 21st? It would be damn cute and fun!" Don't you think so?

Everyone will be made to wear the party hat, there will be games, lucky draws, cake cutting and everyone will be served a Happy meal or an extra value meal! Not only that, i can set a theme like "BACK TO SCHOOL!" where everyone will come in their uniform! Sound great right!!!! Can totally imagine the scenario in my head :D

After researching, it cost about $9/pax for a happy meal or $11/pax for EVM. It will be held at the restaurant itself. However, there's a time slot of only 1.5 hours which might not be enough... So i thought of holding the party at somewhere else, BUT still with the MacDonald concept, just that it's not in the restaurant though.

I did an estimation of the no. of people that might attend the party, i think it's around 30 to 40 pax so i would need quite a BIG place to fit everyone. Hmm...

Location wise, here's what i have in mind:

New Majestic hotel. From what i heard and research, they have 30 themed rooms in this hotel. It's around $360/night, but what i'm concern is they have a suite big enough for up to 40 pax. I wouldn't want everyone to squeeze in a small room...

Screening room @ Ann Siang. Attended an event there once and i kinda like the place. Enough to fit 40 pax and they also have a projector in the room so maybe i can show a video or photo montage. Not sure about the rate but i think it's not gonna be cheap. Perhaps at least a few hundred bucks for a few hours? Hmm...

K suite @ illuma. Also went there once for a blogger event. The suite is around 700 bucks for 5 hours with entertainment such as Kbox, pool, PS3 etc. There is even food catering available, (around est $900 to $1000 with food) Sounds nice but the price is abit on the high end, so i need to consider properly before deciding :(

I want my 21st birthday to be a memorable one for me and everyone that attend the party! Can't believe i'm planning everything ALL BY MYSELF! After attending countless of blogger events, i always wanted to plan something like that and my 21st birthday party is definitely a very good excuse! Need a lot of $$ though.

There's gonna be a reception table outside the room where my friends have to register and receive a ticket or something with maybe a lucky draw stub! Will try to find ways to get the prizes! (Find sponsors or something, HINT HINT.) I also need to find a cake caterer to get a BIG enough cake for everyone to share. Super excited!

A lot of work and planning but i think the end result will be worth it!!!! My budget is around 1k for EVERYTHING! So much for just one night, that very special night (:

P.s: Now is just the initial "dreaming" stage, wonder how will the real one be like...