Monday, July 19, 2010

Brand New Blogskin!

Anyone surprised after entering my blog? YES!!! I CHANGED MY BLOGSKIN! After checking my blog history, i found out the last time i changed my blogskin was April 2009, so it has been more than a year! Always wanted to change but after looking at all the codings, i always give up in the end. Zzz

This time, i managed to preserve till the end and i'm satisfied with this end product! *throw confetti* This blogskin is actually a "re-work" from my other blogskin (read this POST) I somehow tweak the design here and there abit. Without further ado, i shall show you guys what i did! *beams* :D

The concept for this blogskin is "doodle", thus i have to look for the perfect font:

Best place to look for fonts?! Chose "Action Jackson" as it's exactly what i pictured in my mind. Looks doodle-ish and not too messy, should be able to do the job! Quite nice right? :D

White background would be too plain so i google-d for a sketch/ doodle image and lighten it so that it won't be too overpowering, grabbing too much attention. Credited the respective designer! :D

Had a hard time thinking about my banner. To me, the banner is important as it gives people the first impression of your blog. I decided to keep things simple with little images and text and to design it to be doodle-ish with sketches of thunderbolt and clouds to depict - "Storm" and also to match the theme. Colour scheme to be white and yellow. Animated the banner to make it look more attractive :D

Added header links for easy access to some pages! At first it's just the text, but decided to last minute-ly add in the camera doodle beside it to fit the theme. Most people won't realise that when you hover your mouse over the text, it will actually turn yellow, scroll up and try it! :D

After much research and google-ing, i FINALLY managed to learn how to change the font of the date and title! This is something really really special because it's not the default font! If you look closely, you will also realise the background of the post is actually lined paper, so this doodle-ish font fits the background perfectly! I was damn happy when i finally figure out how to do it! *wipe sweat* :D

Lastly would be the footer of each post. Managed to add in the "I like" javascript by blogger which allows readers to feedback on what they think about the post by clicking the options. However, can't seem to align the footer together no matter how hard i tried, oh wells. Anyone know how? :(

Oh ya, and this blogskin only has 1 sidebar instead of the previous 2! This makes the post area much BIGGER and i can now post HUGE photos!!!! Alright, that's all for my new blogskin! You can start to "feedback" by either posting comments or click on one of the "options" below! Don't be lazy :D