Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogger picnic at Marina Barrage!


Lol. This picnic happened during May, now it's already August and i'm FINALLY blogging about it. I think no one can beat me at blogging overdue posts. I took 3 months, Can't believe it -__-

Actually i can just forget about blogging this post since it happened so long ago but i told myself i MUST blog it out one day. I want to keep the memories on my blog so that next time when i'm bored or when i stop blogging, i can look back and think of this fun day i had with the other bloggers...

Without further ado, i shall start this post!!!! Lots and lots of photos! Over 300+ photos but i managed to filter out the more important ones, haha. This picnic was not easy to plan at all, we had to settle a day where most of us were free, and we had to prepare the food, kites etc beforehand...

Met up at Suntec Carrefour to get some food items before heading to Marina Barrage!

Then took a train over to the Marina Bay! Waited SUPER LONG for the shuttle bus!!!! :(

Having a Picnic + Kite flying at the Marina Barrage was something that i always wanted to do!

Was quite, or should i say VERY surprised to see the amount of people there already...

Finding a good spot where we can lay out the mat and settle down for the day (:

Time to pour out all the food!!! Being bloggers, most of us were either, #1: Taking photos of the food or #2: Tweeting about this outing! Only Jiaqi was busy laying out the food, preparing everything, Lol

"Don't say i never help hor!" That's me preparing the chocolate for the fondue! :D

Ta-dah! Everything lay-ed out nicely! Lots of food! We have apples, grapes, strawberries, potato chips, melted ice cream, pound cake, snacks, tidbits, waffles, chocolate fondue and many more!!!!

Can you spot the mini fondue set? Lol.

Group photo! Happy us having a picnic! Taken by Jing long :D

Halfway eating, everyone was excited about the kite flying so we decided to fix our kites and start flying them! It was first-time for a few of them. The last time i flew a kite was like when i was 10 lor!

Happy boys with our kite! :D

We had sooooo much fun! We would laugh every time the kite falls from the sky, damn funny!

It was Ying zi's birthday the day before/after (can't remember, opps.) So we bought some balloons and sprays intending to surprise her. Jiaqi and i was hiding behind the seat trying to blow the balloons but GUESS WHAT? My balloon burst and caught everyone by surprise! FAIL attempt. AHHHHHHHHHHH

So the next thing we did was to give her the strawberry cake we bought at carrefour, asked her to close her eyes to make a wish, blow the candle and spray her after that!!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Weijie being the most EVIL one chased her and spray his whole bottle of string on Ying zi! LOL

Photos, Photos and more Photos!!!! :D

It started to drizzle abit so we decided to pack up our stuff and go indoor to continue our picnic!

Another group photo! :D

Jiaqi brought funky masks and shades for us to take photos! Damn funny!

The sky was starting to get dark so we went downstairs and decided to soak our feet in water but in the end we got rowdy and started splashing water at each other!!!! Everyone was literally wet!

That's evil weijie trying to drag jiaqi into the water violently!! (and me laughing my ass off!)

Asked a passerby to take this group shot of us, everyone in the photo! Chio backdrop~

Jiaqi bought a pack of instaxs to take photos with everyone to keep the memories :D

The above 2 shots are taken using the long-lost vintage Polaroid camera!!!!

Last photo to end this post with our signatures, thanks guys ♥