Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore! ♥

Today is Singapore's 45th Birthday!!!! PUBLIC HOLIDAY FOR ALL OF US!!! As always, every year i would dedicate a small little post for our National day! -patriotic- Went to catch the fireworks with Jing long, Jiaqi and Claire at the Esplanade during one of the NDP preview and took some photos! :D

Lots of people stoning at the Merlion area at around 6+ to chop a good spot for the fireworks!

Fly past of the slow helicopters in formation! :D

F16 leaving a trail of smoke behind after the fly past! Super loud!

Award winning photo - Chio night skyline taken by your truly *flicks hair* MUAHAHA


Firework burst from the top of some buildings too!

Love this photo! Machiam like meteor/ shooting stars falling from the sky, Awwww~

That's all,
Happy 45th Birthday Singapore! ♥