Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday breakfast at Imperial treasure!

Another post on Sunday Breakfast! Claire and i had American breakfast at Cafe Cartel the first time, next we had French breakfast at Delifrance, it's time for some Chinese food! When we decided on Chinese food, the first thing that came up to our mind was DIM SUM!We had 2 places in our minds, either Imperial Treasure OR Din tai fung, after researching and reading reviews, we decided on...

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant at Tampines One!

Met up quite early as this restaurant is ALWAYS crowded, especially on a Sunday morning!

Method of ordering is by indicating your orders on the order chit :D

Can't decide on what to drink so i chose something out of the norm - Pineapple Ice ($3)

Every time we placed an order, the waitress will put a little slip of paper on your table showing the dishes that we order! Feel like trying everything but honestly, the things are quite expensive!!! :(

The dim sums that we ordered! ANYTHING THAT CONTAIN CHAR SIEW IS SUPERB!

Ordered a bowl of Shrimp Wonton noodle too! The prawn is SUPER fresh! nom nom nom

Grand total of $41.20 for our breakfast!

Quite expensive but overall the food is superb! Everything is very fresh and pipping hot when served, service is good too. I will definitely bring my family to Imperial treasure soon! You should try it out too!