Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Universal Studios for the 2nd time!!!

Another overdue post! This is my 2nd time to Universal Studios Singapore! I must be one of the minority no. of people in Singapore that have been been to USS twice since it opened (other than those people working inside!) *flicks hair* and the best thing is, both time are FREE!!!!! MUAHAHA

Jiaqi won 5 tickets through the Family day contest and decided to invite me, Jing long and her friend - Gisiang along with her mum! So heng can! But the tickets are only valid for that particular day...

and that day is SG family day, so the crowd is like WOAH, not like the previous time i went...


First stop: 4D Shrek adventure!

Since i've been to USS once before so i'm officially the "tour guide" that day, so i suggested to go to the 4D Shrek adventure to "warm up" first. I was telling them how interesting the 4D was, so we headed straight into the queue! Had to wait 45MINS lor!!!!! and it was super crowded! Zzz.

Designated Pram parking area! Family Day - "Carpark FULL"

Group photo by the Battlestar Galactica Roller coaster! It was still closed. (even now!)

Next stop: Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures!

After the 4D shrek adventure, we were thinking USS is so crowded, we should go queue for those more exciting ones to not waste time. But guess what? Waiting time for Rapid Adventures was 1 HOUR & 45MINS! Can't believe we queued up and wait. But it was all worth it when it's our turn!

This time i smart already, brought my camera along so i can take photos of the dinosaur along the way! Plus i put it in a ziplock bag! *beams* The previous time scared kena water so i kept in the locker... Read about my "Rapid adventure" at another post HERE!!! (MUST Click and read!) :D

Next we queued up for the Canopy Flyer! Another 1 hour 2o mins, Zzz.

Took a risk and brought my camera onboard the ride! Must watch, damn funny!!!

Another group photo infront of the Sci Fi City! :D

The tickets came with $10 meal voucher so we had lunch at _____. (Forgot the name)

Came upon this store that sell funky hat, so we took a few and camwhore with it! AHAHAHA

Next stop: Water World!

Water World is one of the attractions i missed the previous time due to time constraint so this time die die also must allocate time to watch it! This is one show you CANNOT miss if you go to USS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the crowd! At least for 1000 people there lor, if not then 2000! LOL

Got all the explosions and actions! Even got airplane crashing down into the water! Damn nice!

Took photos with the "heroes" of the show :D

Group photos with the mascots! Woody woodpecker and a Egyptian mummy!!!

Last by not least, the mascot from Hershey Chocolate World :D

That's all my 2nd trip to USS! Obviously i did not cover every single thing or every ride cos i did it in the previous post, the above are just the highlights and group photos just to share with you guys! If you guys didn't read my previous entry on USS, you can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE! :D