Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday breakfast at Toast Box!

Once again, it's Sunday Breakfast with Claire! Decided to "tone-down" abit for this week and have something simpler. Reason: Our every Sunday breakfast routine cost around average 20 bucks for EACH of us, like abit too much hor... 20 bucks per week, 80 bucks per month leh! OMGWTFBBQ

So this week, we had...

TOAST BOX @ Tampines One! :D

Ordered a set meal but changed the hot tea/coffee to iced Milo instead! Thick and nice :D

Set comes with 2 soft boiled eggs, one drink (coffee or tea) and thick toast!

Mine is Chicken floss thick toast (left) and Claire's Peanut Butter thick toast! (right)

I always wonder how their soft boiled egg always turn out so nice. At home i make always damn ugly de. Same steps what, place egg in hot water, then wait awhile... Done! I even wait longer so that the egg will be more cooked but in the end always turn out watery, abit disgusting but no choice -__-

Total bill: $9.80 only! Less than 5 bucks per person! Save $$$ :D