Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LG Optimus Launch + Lee Min Ho meet and greet!

Ok, this post is quite overdue (due to photos of myself in this post) but you guys and especially girls want to see photos of Lee Min Ho right!!! I still remember after receiving the media invitation to this event, i went to tweet, "Who is this Lee Min Ho guy? Is he like famous or what?" and there was an influx of @replies from my female followers saying, "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?! HE'S LIKE A SUPER FAMOUS KOREAN ACTOR blah blah blah" Lol. I decided to take the risk and RSVP-ed to see him irl :D

WAS SUPER DUPER LATE. Arrived like 15 mins before the media conference ended -__-

The other "star" in the event other than Lee Min Ho, the LG Optimus (:

"LG Optimus allows users to enjoy diverse Android applications and automatic account synchronization with all Google mobile services. LG Optimus also features enhanced social networking functions in a high-powered multimedia environment." Read more

Lee Min Ho is the ambassador of the LG Optimus phone :D

Was given the VIP pass to the Meet and Greet session! Yayyyyyyyyy

Went to the event with Randy and Claire :D

There's around 2 hour break in between the media launch and the Meet and Greet so lunch was provided for us, prepared by Marina Bays Sands! The buffet spread is SUPER NICE! I kept eating =/

Group shot of me, Randy and Claire at the VIP section during the Meet and Greet session :D

Thousands of screaming fans trying to capture a good shot of their idol.

Sorry to burst your bubbles girls but he look much better onscreen than in real life. AHAHAHHAA

The female host infatuated with Lee Min ho! Managed to get quite a no. of good and clear shots as i was seated VERY near the stage (VIP leh!) PLUS i had a good camera *beams* MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Lucky fans get to go up to stage to ask questions and take a group photo with him! :D

Award winning "Best shot of the event" taken by yours truly *wave hands* LOL

Another game section of the event whereby Lee Min Ho have to draw pictures and...

Lucky fans get to keep them! All the girls was rushing to the front lor. Crazy

I heard some of them cried because they didn't manage to get it and a couple of them had a little "tug of war" session trying to snatch the drawing. But then his drawing also not very nice what -__-

Left during the autograph session and took a photo outside to end the event, thanks LG! :D