Monday, September 13, 2010

Ice skating again at Kallang Leisure Park!

As the title suggests, I WENT FOR ICE SKATING AGAIN!!! One can never have enough of ice skating, LOL. It's really damn fun and relaxing lor (not the falling part though.) Everyone should just tryyyy!!!

For the millionth time, it's located at Kallang Leisure Park. (Love the circle line!)

Yes, i'm still a student *flash poly pass* -buay pai seh- MUAHAHA

It was damn crowded that day AND the floor was super duper slippery. Damn scary

Important note to all: ALWAYS ALWAYS tie your shoes laces tightly in order to skate well.

Photo with Jiaqi :D

Group photo before starting to skate! (Joyce and Jing long not in photo)

Had to go slowly because the ground was really slippery, damn easy to fall down. Confirm wet de.

2 little kids posing for a photo! Awwwww

Last group photo before we leave the rink. (Jiaqi not in photo)

Total bill: $55.50! Around $20 per person. Quite affordable hor? (: