Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Breakfast at Breadbar Cafe!

Once again, another Sunday passed! This time, Claire and I decided to have Breakfast at Breadbar Cafe (Tampines Century Square basement one) after looking at their delicious looking you-tiao! :D

Simple looking store but with not-so-simple food items!

Breadbar Cafe is famous for their you tiaos, it comes with in different "flavours" such as the classic (original), Onion, Almond, Sesame and Green tea! Other fried items includes Butterfly bun etc.

Value set comes with 1 Youtiao aka Bread bar, Coffee/tea and a bowl of beancurd + home made dip!

I ordered a bowl of chicken porridge and a Classic Breadbar set with iced milo! ♥

Delicious Chicken porridge with egg ($3.50 + $0.50) and you tiao ($0.90 each)

Each value set comes with a little bottle of home made dip! There's Kaya, Wasabi, chocolate etc.

Conclusion: I spent around 10 bucks on this breakfast which includes the chicken porridge, 2 you tiaos, 1 bowl of beancurd and a cup of iced milo. Overall quite satisfied with my breakfast. Nothing much to complain except maybe the porridge is abit too expensive at $4/bowl. Love the You-tiaos :D