Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid autumn celebration!

Question! How did you spend this year's Mid autumn festival? When the word - "Mid autumn festival" (0k, it's 3 words -__-) or better known as Mooncake Festival come into my mind, the first few things i would think of are #1: Moon cakes, #2: Lanterns and #3: Sparkles! Did you think of those too? :D

Impromptu decision to get everyone out to have some fun at night!!!

Mooncake festival celebration at Henderson Wave :D

Wanted to play at Vivo rooftop but we were not sure we are allow to play sparkles there or not, Marina Barrage was kinda not convenient for most of us, East Coast park also quite far so we decided on Henderson Wave! SUPER FAR AWAY ALSO! I reached at around 9pm because of my cousin's house warming/ birthday party... By the time reach, it's damn late le lor... Nevertheless, camwhore!

Kaixin and Jiaqi (:

Did not take much photos also. LOL

Oh ya, you know how you can adjust the camera;s shutter speed so that you can capture really chio photos using light? We tried to create the words - COUSINS using our sparkles! First attempt was a disaster! Managed to almost do it the second time, Ying zi took a video of us doing it!!! :D

LOL at 1.08 sec! I unknowingly threw the sparkles backwards!!! AHAHAHAHHA

Final result! Quite nice right!!!! It says, "Cousins ♥"

One last group shot to end this post! :D