Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunday breakfast at ikea!

Seem like we are running out of places for our Sunday Breakfast!!!! Every week we have to crack our brains and think of where to have breakfast every Sunday. After all we have tried Western (Cafe cartel), French (Delifrance), Egg & toast at Toast Box, HK style (Imperial treasure) What else is there?

Moreover, we wanted somewhere in the east so that it's more convenient for us (Have to wake up early leh!) If you realise, all the #sundaybreakfast are located at Tampines! This time is IKEA!!!

IKEA, Tampines :D

Actually, they don't serve breakfast but who cares. As long eat in the morning it's breakfast (:

Totally didn't expect the crowd during the morning. I thought morning no one go IKEA de leh!

Spoil for choice so we took whatever we felt like eating!

Maybe we should rename "Sunday breakfast" to "Sunday feast" instead...

Look at the amount of food we took! How many actually fall into the "breakfast" category?

Total damage: $26.60! What an expensive breakfast, Lol.