Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tora Shabu Steamboat at illuma!

As you guys know, i'm in the army and for the first 2 weeks of BMT i don't get to book out because it's the adjustment week so after that 2 weeks, i finally get to meet up with my close friends! Having to eat lousy canteen food for 2 whole weeks, it's time for some good steamboat buffet!!!! AHHHHHH

Decided to have Tora Shabu at illuma. ATAS steamboat leh! :D

Table #1: Joyce, Ash, Li mei, Claire and me!

Table #2: Mel, Don, Wei Jie and Qian Yi!

Table #3: Kaizhi, Josh, Jiaqi and Jing long!

This Tora Shabu is the ATAS version of the normal steamboat. The normal one you must go over to the food counter to get your food but for this, there's this form whereby you tick the boxes of the items you want and they will put everything into ONE BIG PLATE and bring it to your table!!!!!! :D

Expensive items included! Mussels, sea cucumber, big prawns, cuttle fish, squid etc!

Thin slices of Pork and beef lined up nicely, atas much?

Happy us ordering plates after plates of food, enjoying ourselves :D

Just like any other buffet, everyone ordered too much and was too full to finish everything so we had to think of ways to "hide" the food to prevent getting charged for wastage. Singaporeans, Zzz. LOL

After eating... Hmm, what is everyone so engrossed in?

They tricked me into bringing my netbook and played a video montage for me and Weijie!!!!

Went up to the top floor of illuma and spammed instaxs! :D

BIG BIG Group photo to end this post! :D