Friday, October 22, 2010

Choo choo train Japanese Token Machine!

Recently i keep tweeting about going iluma just to play those "Japanese token machines" at the arcade. If you have been wondering what those machines are, i'm finally blogging about them. LOL

Each token cost $0.10. Yes, you did not see wrongly, it's just 10 cents.

But the thing is, although each token is just 10 cents, these machines are soooo addictive that once you lose all your coins, you can't help exchanging $$ for more tokens -__- While adults play those machines with high returns with high investments, i always play those kiddy one. AHAHHAHAHAHA

The train machine that i always play!!! Btw, is that train called Thomas or something?

All you have to do is slot one of your coins and aim for one of those openings!

See those lighted up squares? Every time your coin goes into one of the opening, you get a "chance" to spin the wheel, and depending on what colour the light lands on, one of the rows will light up. If you manage to reach the end for all 3 rows, YOU HIT THE JACKPOT!!! (anyway it's not that easy as it sounds...) Jackpot = ALOT ALOT of coins falling from the "Thomas train"! I almost kena lor :(

Each time you reach the end of a row, this green train dump a pile of coins :D

Then the coins will "push" the coins (as shown in the photo above) and the coins will drop out from the opening below which is your winnings lor. Can't really win alot from this machine but it's the process that's fun, Lol. I don't know how much i spent on this machine le lor. Kena jackpot once only -__-