Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday breakfast at Crystal Jade!

Once again it's Sunday Breakfast with Claire! This time we went to Crystal Jade! That day damn malu! At Tampines mall, there's Crystal Jade and Ding Tai Fung but i always thought that there's only Crystal Jade there. As i was early, i went into Ding Tai Fung (thinking it was crystal jade -__-) got a seat and started looking at the menu. Then i wondered, "Where's the Dim sum menu ah..." then after looking at menu carefully, I REALISED I WAS IN THE WRONG RESTAURANT! Zzz.

So i packed my things (I on-ed my netbook. Zzz), waited till the coast is clear and walk calmly out of the restaurant pretending nothing happened. I bet the waitress must be wondering where i went lor.

Crystal Jade - Located at BASEMENT 1 (NOT SECOND FLOOR)

Peanuts which is already on the table and it cost us 2 bucks -__-'''

Delicious Egg Tarts!

My favourite Char Siew Pao!

Har gao with fresh juicy prawn inside!

Custard Bun.

Chee Cheong Fun!

SUNDAY breakfast i mean FEAST! Total damage: $31.65, Ouch. Haha