Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween at Night Safari 2010!

If you are one of my long time reader, you would remember me blogging about Halloween at Night Safari 2 years ago (You can still read the post HERE) This year, Night Safari kindly invited me to experience the horror all over again!!! I was quite excited after reading the email invitation, Lol.

Official Media Pass which allow us to cut all queues! Neh ni neh ni poo poo

I brought Jing Long and Jiaqi along. Shawn brought his friend along too (:

Halloween atmosphere, must pretend to be scared in every photo! AHHHHHH

Just at the entrance even before we step into Night Safari, there are already vampires, ghosts and "whatever-is-that-thing-called" lurking around in the dark... *plays ghost howl music, woooooo~*

Syringe that contain BLOOD on sale! After asking the uncle at the store what's inside the syringe again and again, he finally told us the "blood" is actually jelly. So secretive for what -__-

First stop for the night was going to through the Haunted Village to the Gui Mansion...

Getting to the Gui Mansion was not easy with these lurking around...


At last, we arrived at the door step of the Gui Mansion.
A century ago, the majestic Gui Mansion stood on these very grounds. One night, a serial killer broke into the house and massacred the entire Gui family and their ma jies (olden day housekeepers). The mansion was then abandoned and was eventually demolished. But recently, many reported seeing the mansion again. An unseen force beckons all who venture near. Some say, it’s the spirits of those murdered that fateful night calling for help. Others say they are seeking revenge. All agree that those who entered, were never seen again.

Honestly, the 3 of us were damn scared to enter the Gui Mansion! We were waiting outside with 2 other couples and when it was our turn to enter, everyone was like politely, "You go ahead first, you go ahead first", after a few times, one of them said, "Let's just go in together!" LOLOL!!!!

I have seriously no idea how the above 2 photos turn out quite nice! I was screaming my lungs out in the mansion!!! One hand grabbing onto Jing long's bag tightly, the other holding my camera! Every time something comes out, i just press the shutter button, flashing into the "creature" eye, LOL.


Next up, the Train of terror!

You will go through the normal rain forest route on the tram in the dark, see all kinds of animals such as the elephants, lions, tigers etc. But you never know when something else will pop out...

"Have anyone seen my husband?" -act pitiful- (I bet she is a witch in disguise lor!)

Shhh... Better don't disturb *creep past softly, in this case - drive the tram pass softly...*

The Creatures of the Night show is still on as normal...

There's still the cute otters trying to sort out plastic bottles and cans BUT this time, there's a Halloween segment. That's for me to know, for you to find out (:

Isn't this the Mad hatter from Alice in the wonderland?

Evil clown!!! If there's someone who dress up as Chucky, i will confirm give him a kick!

Just as we were leaving the Night Safari, i saw this lonely woman sitting infront the attap house. I don't know why but i feel like sitting beside her and take a photo!!! Hesitated for awhile and decided a group photo with her. Didn't know she look that scary until i transferred the photo into my computer!

Alright, that's all for my trip to Night Safari for Halloween this year, totally enjoyed myself! If you are hesitating, don't be afraid! It's ok to scare yourself (or your parents!) once in awhile, LOL. For more information such as ticket pricing, you can checkout (: