Monday, October 11, 2010

POP at Marina Platform!

Psst! This is a scheduled post. By the time you read this post, i guess i should be training at the Officer Cadet School in Jurong. BMT has past in a blink of an eye. 4 months of tough training, and finally it's the day where we graduate - 2nd October 2010. The night before was the 24km route march, all the way from Changi beach to the Marina bay floating platform. I repeat, 24 WHOLE KILOMETERS.

Throughout the 24km, i kept thinking - "When are we reaching, when are we reaching..." but no one gave up. It was our last obstacle. Finally, we reached the F1 racing pit at 4.30am. We had about 3 hours to prepare for the parade that we have been rehearsing all the while under the hot sun.

8am: Our loved ones seated at the Marina Bay platform, waiting for us to march in!

*Sings* "Training to be soldiers, fight for our land. Once in our life, 2 years of our time~"

Jiaqi managed to zooooom all the way and caught me on camera! Ehh, that guy's expression?!

Mummy and Daddy (who rushed back from overseas)!

Jing long! Who specially came for my POP early in the morning! *Gan dong*

Bangla Jiaqi! Thanks for coming even though it's so damn early!!!

Platoon Mate, Jeremy! Exchanged name card leading to others knowing my blogger identity!

Pin, Sulaiman (0rd lo!), Chun kit :D

Random group photo!

Platoon 4, Section 4!

POP LO! *throws jockey cap in the air* When i first enter NS, i was thinking, "Just suffer 2 years and get lost". In the end guess what? I SIGNED ON. I'm now training to be an airforce officer, and gonna be in the airforce for at least the next 4 years. Hope i made the right decision by signing (: