Saturday, November 27, 2010

My @NuffnangSG cheque is here!!!!

After waiting for around 1 month for the cheque, it finally arrived!

Thanks Nuffnang!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

#21st Birthday: Presents, presents and more presents!

You have seen the 21 presents that my BFF got for me, Now here's the presents from the rest! Just wanna thank them and show you guys what they got for me for my 21st!!! Feel so loved, LOL ♥♥♥

Photo Puzzle by Jing long! (with 21 pieces removed when he gave me)

Handmade photo frame by Jiaqi meow (gan dong!) and tumblr by Kaixin

Stitch stuffs by Jiaqi, Jiayi and Alton!

More stitch items by Rinn, Manda and hui xin! The stitch projector is damn amazing

Topman tee and cap from Serene and Rachel

Hand made scrapbook by Joyce (appreciate it!)

Black sling bag from Ying zi

NUM Bagpack that i always wanted from Ash

HUGE Personalised card by Mel Swiszy

Sony Headphone by Shawn and Ryan!

Pink pouch, Pink torch light and the latest iPOD NANO by Clarence and Kelvin!!!!

Instax camera by Don!

Identical caps by Qianyi, Weijie and Li mei!!! Super coincidental!

Ikea Quilt and cover by Claire

Once again, 21 presents from BFF Nurul and Yah see!


Monday, November 22, 2010

#21st Birthday: 21 presents from BFF! ♥

For this year's 21st birthday, i actually had a little secret wish. My wish is to receive 21 presents! I know it's quite impossible because my friends would most likely share $$ and buy me something for my birthday. BUT little did i know that my BFFs, Nurul and Yah see was going to fulfill my wish!

They presented me with this paper with lots of words and ask me to pick out 21 items...

Toothbrush, sexy boxers (?!) and blings blings!

Favourite Mug, tomato juice, tomato chips, chio pen, magazine (FHM!)

Chocolate Snacks, candies and slippers!

Vodka, Friendship band, a photo, official document, heart shaped voucher,
door hanger, socks and red box(condom)!

I got 20 out 21 items correct! MUAHAHA

In total, there's 21 presents!!!! Appreciate it sooooo much, thanks BFFs

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Granado Espada!


Basically i'm going let you guys know more about this MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) By the way, this game is one of the top grossing MMORPG game in the region to date! I remember seeing this game being promoted on television before and i was like, "WAH, what game is this?! Looks damn cool!" In a blink of an eye, this game has been in the market for over 3 years, and gamers are still actively conquering quests and clearing missions.

Being a 3-year-old game, Granado Espada has never failed to mesmerize gamers in the region to continue playing and explore the New World. Gamers continue to be the best as they could with the consistent content patches that improve the gameplay approximately every 3 months (:

After reading how interesting this game is, i decided to try it out myself!

Firstly, i would need to create a game account on their official website and download the game!
(Note: The file size of the installer is 5.1GB)

You start the game by creating of "family" of 3!

Basically it's like those RPG games whereby you explore the map, conquering quests and clearing missions, earn moolah to buy better weapons/amours, fighting stronger monsters and more! (:
Honestly, you will be quite impress with the explicit and intricate designs of costumes and weapons. Damn detailed! In Granado Espada, you get to engage in activities that allow the gamer community to come up with unique designs and exciting user content. The graphics are super duper nice! :D

The most scary part is when all the monsters start chionging at you!!!! AHHHHHHH

After 5 hours of gameplay, i finally advanced to lvl 10! My characters gained more advanced skills which can attack a few monsters at one time! I'm not that lousy in computer games afterall! *beams*

Recently they progressed to Version 5 (released on 1 Nov), so gamers can expect to experience refreshing and dramatic differences from its previous versions.

Granado Espada is a Free-to-Play game for all, while gamers also have the option to pay to enhance their gaming experience through purchases of weapons, armors, in-game items, etc. There's like over 280,000 gamers in Singapore and about 1 million registered users in the region! The region comprises of Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. So you can imagine interacting with people from other countries in this game. The whole gaming community is your friend!

Granado Espada also has external Flash-based games that enhance the overall gaming experience for gamers. These platforms are also used for sponsors to showcase their products available for gamers. Hence gamers do not just enjoy Granado Espada, but also win/receive real life products.
Companies that worked with Granado Espada, Southeast Asia include Bose, MSi, Toshiba, Mushkins, etc. Do checkout their official website HERE! to download and find out more about the game (:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My #21st Mcdonalds Birthday celebration! ♥

After 4 months of planning and preparation, designing/printing/mailing the invitations, prepare door gifts, booking the venue etc, it's finally 8th of October!!!! (By the way, my actual birthday is 19th Oct but i'll be in camp so i decided to celebrate it in advance this year during my block leave. YES, i know it's damn ADVANCE!) I've been waiting for that day for a nong nong time! *Super duper excited*

Claire and BFF Nurul came over to my house in the noon that day to help me prepare the door gifts. (It's like mass production!) Jing long came too! They brought presents along and since we had nothing to do after packing the door gifts, we decided that i should open their presents! :D

Damn surprised by their presents!!!! Jing long got me a photo puzzle which has our photo on it! PLUS he took out exactly 21 pieces for me to complete the puzzle. He thought it's gonna be difficult for me but i just piak one piece by one piece and completed it. *flicks hair* MUAHAHA

Claire got me something really special, something that i never thought anyone would buy it for a birthday present! SHE GOT ME A QUILT (and cover) FROM IKEA!!! The previous time we went to ikea, i was randomly commenting i always wanted a quilt from ikea cos it looks kinda warm. LOL

Cabbed all the way to Khatib Mcdonalds from Pasir Ris because there's way too many stuff to bring over. Arrived about an hour before the actual event starts to setup the laptop, photo printer and stuff.

Mcdonalds party hat! Can't wait to see everyone wearing this colourful hat!

Guests start arriving at 7pm. Alot of them were LATE!!!!! Photo taking before entering the room. Photos are then INSTANTLY printed for the door gifts which will be presented to them at the end (:

Signing of guest book!

Party hats for everyone! Courtesy of Mcdonalds

At around 7.30pm when most of the guests are here, we started the event. The Mcdonalds staff made us play a few games to "warm us up"! I was thinking what kind of games they will make us play...

Everyone listening attentively at the instructions. Faces filled with enthusiasm, LOL

It's the "PASS THE RUBBER BAND" GAME!!! (?!)
At first i thought the game was damn stupid. It's like, the last time we did something like that was when we were primary school??? Then i remembered, this is a Mcdonalds party, LOL

It's not as easy as it looks! Everyone was divided into 2 groups and we have to pass the rubber band from the first person to the last person and then drop the rubber band onto the Mcdonalds' staff's hand! Everyone look damn retarded while passing the band around, AHAHHAHAHHAA

The MOST funny part during this game is when Shawn was about to pass the rubber band to Hui xin!!! I keep teasing hui xin, saying since she always liked Shawn (jokingly), now is the time to accidentally kiss him! Then both of them stressed till they dropped the band and have to restart all the way from the first person. Btw, my group still lost in the end. FML

The Mcdonalds staff gave us a list of things to find among us and the first team that managed to get all the items wins! The things to look for are quite simple, things like keys, shoes, slippers etc. The last game we played was charades and I HAVE TO ACT OUT EVERY SINGLE QUESTION lor! Not fair :(

After the games, it was time to Makan!!! Everyone was served a Happy Meal

See See See! Everyone look so happy after having the Happy Meal :D

Balloons and little gifts from Mcdonalds for everyone!

The Happy meal consist of 4 pcs Nugget, small fries and a small drink. I ordered ice cream for everyone too! Sounds quite little hor? (but I didn't even finish my portion lor!)

Everyone playing happily with their balloons while eating. All like little kids, LOL

It was time to cut the cake!!! Special Ronald Macdonalds cake ♥

Happy 21st Birthday to me!!! ♥♥♥ *Make a wish and blow*

Photos with different groups of friends that appeared in different time of my life

The biggest group of the event - BLOGGERS!!!

Everyone was damn curious about the presents i got so we decided to have a present opening session! Was really shocked by some of the presents, i got things that i never thought i would get on my birthday. Example would be a instax camera and the latest iPod nano!!! (No iPad though, AHAHAHHA) I will be blogging about the presents to thank everyone in the next post! :D

21 presents from BFFs which includes a FHM mag, vodka and condoms!!! LOLOL

Time for the last activity of the day! BINGO!

2 lucky winners - Claire and Jiaqi was the first 2 to get BINGO! :D

Last but not least, a special and sincere door gift for each and everyone of my guest

One last retarded group photo to end the night!

Thank you to those who attended my 21st birthday celebration!
I know you guys are reading this ;)

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