Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Hell"oween at Escape themepark 2010

Like every other year, i would visit Escape themepark to "celebrate" Halloween! Same for this year! We (me and the other bloggers) were thinking where to celebrate Halloween, Ying zi wanted to go to the Night Safari but it was kinda ex so i suggested Escape! Cheap and fun, 12 bucks only leh! :D

"Hell"oween at Escape themepark! Decorated to fit the theme :D

We bought lights sticks from Daiso beforehand to add on to the atmosphere, LOL

Our admission tickets!!! The queue was ridiculously long!!! But we somemore managed to walk all the way to the front and just buy the tickets from the counter. Dunno consider cut queue anot :P

Joyce getting into the mood by applying black lipstick and adding "blood" to her face!!

Helping Jiaqi to apply black lipstick too!


This family damn sporting lor! The whole family specially dressed up for this occasion leh! The dad, the mum, the elder sister and their 2 kids! Wonder how long they spend to dress up. Imagine they drive all the way from home to downtown east in this attire, confirm freak everyone out! AHAHHA

Photo with Joyce and Jiaqi. Can spot my fake blood? Joyce use lipstick draw de (:

Joyce trying to act fierce with the toy snake which jq's bro won at the carnival games. LOL

Ying zi came later and the first thing i noticed was HER EYES. DAMN FREAKYYYYY!!!

Escape themepark or Night Safari should totally hire the two of them for Halloween! AHAHAHA

SEE SEE SEE! The two of them combine! *pretend to be scared*

By the way, if you are wondering why her eyes are like that. It's because she bought these special contact lens from overseas. That day, she wore them all the way from home to Escape themepark so you can imagine everyone staring at her on the bus/ streets! Eeeeeyerrrrr. I bet if she were to take the cab, the taxi uncle also won't fetch her after looking at her eyes lor! AHAHHAHAHAA

Perfect setting for the both of them. Tombstones and the eerie red glow~

Group photo!

One last group photo before we leave the themepark! HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN!

By the way, you realised although i celebrated Halloween at Escape themepark, i did not mention anything about the rides and stuff in the themepark. It's because the queue was SUPER long for the rides. We queued like 2 hours(?!) for the Go kart, went for the not-so-scary haunted house and took the superman ride only. Did not manage/ have the time to queue for the flume or pirate ship. Oh wells.

Honestly, Night safari was so much better. If only Night safari was cheaper.

Click the above image to read about my Halloween experience at Night Safari this year! (: