Friday, November 12, 2010

#21st Birthday: Preparing door gifts!

Continued from the previous post where i mailed out the invitation cards, another thing in my mind was door gifts! I did not want my guest to leave empty handed and i also want them to remember that very special day so i brainstormed on what kind of door gifts i can give my guest...

During one of the weekends, i was having breakfast with Claire at iKea and we walked past the photo frame section and we saw these little DIY photo frames. So i was like thinking, "Why not print out photos on the spot during the actual day and give it to my guest to keep? It would be quite meaningful!" so without a doubt, i bought a whole stack of heavy photo frames home, LOL

I felt that 4R would be abit too big to print so i went on to design a 4R template for the photo frame.

Went on to print the templates out for the photo frames... 4 pieces of 4R = 1 A4 paper!

So basically i need to setup the photo frame beforehand so that there's lesser work to do.

Paste the template design onto the cardboard using double sided tape...

Clip the 4 sides using the clips that comes with the photo frame! DIY style!

Ta-dah! The actual door gift will look like this! Quite nice right!

I wanted one of the program segment to be a lucky draw for my guest but i feel like lucky draw last for only a short while then i randomly thought, "Why not make my guest play Bingo? It would be so much more fun and exciting!" I went on to download the template online and printed it out :D

Damn tedious to cut out the square one by one!!!!

Things my guest should have! Last minute-ly went out to buy pens and lollipops. JUST IN CASE (or should i say, most likely) my guest won't have a pen. So considerate right!!! So proud of myself.

So in every Goodie bag, there should be a piece of Bingo paper, a pen, a lollipop and photo frame.

Bought paper bags from Daiso so that my guest can keep everything inside (:

Special thanks for BFF Nurul and Claire for coming over to my house in the afternoon to help "mass-produce" the goodie bags! *Satisfied* Next up: The actual celebration at Mcdonalds!!!! Yayyyyy