Monday, November 1, 2010

Ice Rockz at Scape!

A few weeks ago, I was invited for a food tasting session at Ice Rockz, which is located at Scape (beside cineleisure)! Everytime when i walked pass Ice Rockz to get into Scape building, i never really notice what this store is all about. All i can infer is that they are selling some kinda of drinks...

Scape youth park, 2 Orchard Link, #02-41

I was literally staring at the Ice Rockz logo because the cartoon kinda resembles someone...

Can you figure out who? I looked through the photos pasted on the glass and realised it's the actor, Zhang zhen huan! He's the owner of Ice Rockz, no wonder i find the cartoon so familiar...

Ok, so i was right. It's a drink store. BUT there's a huge varieties! Quite interesting! :D

I tried like 5 different flavour! All damn nice, perfect for a hot weather. I love the jellies and the pearls.

Have you guys tried before...

Nasi lemak burger?

Chicken Rice burger?

It's super unique! The Nasi lemak burger has the ikan bilis, the peanuts, chicken/ fish patty and cucumber! Totally taste like the real nasi lemak (except it comes in a burger form!) and the RICE of the Chicken rice burger is the REAL Chicken rice! It taste EXACTLY (or even better) than the real thing!

The workers especially made small little bite sized burgers for us too! DAMN CUTE!!!

SEE! IT'S REALLY BITE SIZE!!! Can put the whole thing into your mouth, LOL
(btw don't bother to ask them to do bite sized ones for you, neh neh :P)

One last photo to end this post!

If you would like to try something new in town, why not try Ice Rockz? ;)